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Eight of Wands Swift Communication eight of Wands think before you Speak

The wands in the eight of wands card found in the tarot deck are too quick for their own good. This card, out of the fourteen, in the suit of swords differs quite a bit from all the other cards. It has to do with communications and haste. It plays a vital roll in any tarot reading for the inquirer in mind.

Graphically, the picture on the eight of wands card has eight wands that seem to be flying. The background is of storm and confusion. Translated into words it is about the wands going somewhere fast, like a message. Any type of fast movement, but fast movement can be either positive or negative.

Looking at the eight of wands in the realm of a tarot reading, this could mean that the inquirer may have made a quick decision. Also, someone could have moved up in their career, or someone may have started a business and tried to advance its place in history too quickly therefore it may show up as a warning. Corporations and even the economy are examples of moving value too fast. What happens when something moves too fast, it wears out quickly. A rapid rise to the top can mean an even faster fall.

If this shows up in the reading, the individual should take a look at whatever movement they have made that could seem too fast and back track a bit. This way the energy can catch up and stop the potential problems from rapid movement.

The reverse of this card can be represented by speaking before you think. When we shoot our mouths off we tend to cause problems. Most domestic problems come from the hurtful words that spring forth from our mouths. The same words we wish at a later date we could take back. Once said, the damage is already done. If we had never said them we might have saved ourselves a little trouble.

Communication is important and movement is a key to success, but too fast, it can cause setbacks. The eight wands is simply a warning to help avoid the possible problems that occur from such things. It may be happening at the time an individual is getting a tarot reading done or the eight wands could show up letting an individual understand what happened in a bad situation in the past. Also it could show up as a warning for the future. Wherever, the eight of wands shows up in a tarot reading it’s sure to quickly let you know what to think about.