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Effects of Marrying Underage

Why polygamist cults should be stopped from marrying underage girls.

When the topics of religion, law, and social values combine a problem will generally arise.  These problems may be in various forms but at times an issue appears that even those within the same “type” of religion are taken aback.  Cults are viewed in extremely poor taste and are outcasts because they have changed or altered the view of the other congregations. 

One of the most notorious in recent history was the “Branch Davidians’” in Waco, Texas.  Much of the outrage that this and other cults seem to generate comes from the leader and the other believers marrying several wives, and worse yet these are underage girls.  These groups hide behind religion and the law to continue practicing their view of religion as long as possible which drives most outside the groups insanely angry.  Since in many cases these girls are under the age of consent, their parents go along with the “religion” and let their children go to the beds of these men.  Of course the question arises, how do we stop this? 

The legal system is filled with plenty of loopholes for the attorneys for the cults can get their clients off without any major charges or sentences.  The freedom of religious expression is one of the defenses that the lawyers use.  These groups seek out the states to reside and set up that are legally viable for them to follow their paths.  In the cases of minors marrying adults having the parents consent gets them off the charge and that is all they need.  The problem with the parents and the individual marrying the child is that no one is looking out for the welfare of the child.  Studies have shown (known studies from Stanford University and the University of Texas at Austin) that even a 5 year age separation between partners can have negative emotional experiences on a woman, increasing in effects as the age decreases. 

Setting aside the impacts of sexual contact between consenting adults imagine the effects of a little child with no clue about what is to occur being handed off to a stranger.  Even with the small communities think about how children act towards people not their parents. The parents that do this are not only breaking the laws of men and most deities but also destroying any chance of a normal childhood.  These children are psychologically destroyed, believing that everything in the “outside” world is wrong.  The children are usually poorly educated, learning only what their leader or members of the church teach them.  Worse thing then that are they are married and ideas towards others not in the group leave them with little chance of trust or relationships outside the church.

Other religions have their differences and some have very unusual practices, but laws will not let them participate as they choose.  Examples being a Voo-Doo shaman cannot mutilate animals, Rastafarian’s cannot use marijuana, and we do not mutilate human body parts or stone people.  So why are other religions blocked from free practice, but a blind eye is turned to the children in these cults?  Are destroying animal’s lives and smoking weed so much more evil than a young girl’s innocence?  Is it really not that big of a deal that children are being raped and abused by their family and community? 

This author believes that our children should be kept safe and held close, and that there is no other better reason for the troops to go in with weapons to save our young from a child sex ring.  If you think that is drastic, look at your daughter, sister, or any other little child.  Imagine letting them go off with a crazed fanatic, and how would you feel with that obligation forced on you?