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Effective Results from Prayer

This is a lesson that I was taught by a youth minister when I was about 13 years old. His story has been the example that I try to live by and teach to others.

He told the story of when he was a young man fresh out of high school and headed off for college. Not much money, no car, and a lot of needs. He visited with his grandmother who was a great Christian influence in his life.

They sat and talked about all the things that were beyond his reach financially and he gave great details to each item that he was is need of before setting off to college.

His grandmother said she would pray with him and they got down on their knees. He began to pray aloud for a car and the other things that he required but he didn’t get specific in his prayer as he had when he talked with his grandmother. After a short time, she stopped him from his prayer and asked him, “What are you doing?” His reply, “Praying.”

His grandmother said, “What happened to all the things that you told me were necessary. ” He said, “I thought God already knew the details.” Her wise reply, “Yes, He does.” She continued by explaining that God doesn’t need the details for His information. He needs to hear the details from His children to confirm that they know what they need.

She said, “Son allow me to pray for you so that you will learn.” Back on her knees, she took the information that her grandson had shared with her. She prayed to God for a car that would only cost $200.00 which was the sum that her grandson had to make the purchase. She prayed for good tires, a well tuned motor, and that gas would always be in the tank when the young man didn’t have any money in his pockets. She asked that the car last for the full length of his college years and last until he had a job and could actually afford to replace the vehicle. She thanked God for His answer to her prayer and that His will be done.

The young man left knowing that she had taught him an important lesson in prayer. But it was the results of that prayer that stayed with him and now with me.

The young man was preparing to leave for college and a neighbor dropped by and happened to mention that he had an old car in his barn that he wasn’t using and that he would like to sale. Yes, the asking price was $200.00 and the young man went and looked at the car and bought it on the spot. It took him to college and he never replaced the tires in the four years of his college. It never needed any work other than a tune up. Gas was always in the tank if the student’s pockets were empty. He drove away on his honeymoon in the old car as he made his way to his first real job. Later, he was able to purchase another car. The old car still served as a back up for his wife while they established themselves in their job fields.

How to effectively pray and get results. Be specific, be thankful, and know that God answers in response to His children when they are in His will.