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Eagle Animal Totem

The tradition of spirit guides has a long history as most cultures have believed that a spiritual world exists alongside a physical one. In some traditions, spirits were once human form, even great spiritual teachers; in other traditions, the natural world of animals are the source the connection to the spiritual realm.

In most spiritual traditions, totems, symbols and guides represent a bridge that connects the physical and spiritual realities. In Shamanism, spirit guides are animal helpers and at any given time in one’s life, a spirit guide may be at one’s side to teach and direct.

While many animal guides and symbols are connected to religious legends and folklore with a complex history of meaning and associations, one need not be a scholar in the area of religious or cultural symbolism to understand the messages that animal guides may deliver. Rather, one need only consider the qualities of the animal and how those qualities can relate to one’s own life journey and struggles.

The Eagle has a special place in Paganism and other non-traditional belief systems because of its ability to connect to the earthly plane as well as soar to the heavenly, which is a perfect metaphor for making that connection between earthly and spiritual existences. It is a creature of the air, which is one of the four important sacred elements.  Eagle has much to teach and offer in terms of freeing oneself from self-imposed limitations and visualizing a grander picture of existence. As a messenger, Eagle carries important reminders and positive thoughts. In some Native traditions, the Eagle carries prayers to the Creator and even going back as far as Greek tradition, the Eagle was considered a messenger to Zeus. Considered akin to the Holy Spirit, it also symbolizes eternal life.

When one visualizes the Eagle, it is often soaring with great ease, keenly eying the landscape below. This is a reminder to look at the greater picture in one’s life, not just the daily details that can seem to weigh one down. If you have chosen an eagle as your spirit guide- or it has chosen you   – you are called upon to rise above the mundane and free your spirit for the betterment of yourself, your relationships and all you influence. You are on a great spiritual path and the Eagle will help connect you to higher realms while keeping you grounded. Eagle reminds you that you can achieve much more than you may have thought possible.