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DVD or Online Movie DVD vs Online Movies – DVDs

After having bought a big plasma television set along with Dolby surround and comfy reclinable sofas, there is no doubt in my mind when it comes to choosing between watching a rented movie or watching a movie online. It’s sort of like comparing apples to oranges; or, perhaps even better, comparing apples to not-so-good oranges.

I simply cannot even understand the concept of watching a movie online on a small computer screen on an uncomfortable computer desk or along with others squashed in front of a laptop computer.

I personally like to watch movies and enjoy them as if I was at the movie theaters. That is why my husband and I invested in an entertainment center. We just were tired of paying to go to the movies, hearing other people eat their popcorn, annoying cell phone rings and being generally mixed together in a crowded area. Nothing beats watching a good movie from the comfort of your home and enjoying it as if you were at the movies.

Is this possible with an online movie? No

Let’s see, first of all in order to watch a movie online, you will have to find a website that provides movies online. There are several providers some legit some not. Of course, the free ones are mostly not legit. This is risky business, that I would stay away from. Some claim to be legit but I would still worry about malicious spy ware and viruses being downloaded with the movie.

Should you have to pay to watch movies online, you still need to worry about providing your credit card and ensuring that the site is actually a secured site. I personally, am not too fond of processing transactions with credit cards online.

Then you must wait for the movie to download and that can be a lengthy process altogether. Depending on your Internet’s speed this can take from some minutes to even hours. Once the movie is downloaded then you still will have to deal with the small computer screen, staying uncomfortable and crammed with your friends or loved ones.

However, there have been cases where I enjoyed (if that is what I can call it) watching movies online, when our TV set was out of order and when we were stuck for a long layover at the airport and my hubby had downloaded a movie online.

While you can watch movies online without the need to go out and buy or rent a DVD, I must admit that I find visiting DVD stores such as Blockbuster a fun event I look forward to during the week end. I find it entertaining to stroll through the movie aisles and choosing movies and some good old snacks. Then off we go to our entertainment center, ready for a movie theater like experience. I would feel terrible upset should I find one day my LCD screen set replaced by a miserable computer screen. Luckily, this will never happen unless out TV set is once again out of order…