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Dumping Emoitional Baggage

Most of the time our minds are filled with hundreds of thoughts which bounce off one another like pool balls at light speed. Our minds are filled with excessive emotional baggage which rules and dominates the mind. This is a game which the ego and the mind play as we try to remain a somewhat sane spectator.

Negative thoughts begin to fill the mind. You try to rationalize these thoughts as they enter the mind, but the thoughts are doubled with each one that enters. You try to put everything into a “somewhat” order but are left far behind just as ten more thoughts enter. Now you’re left in a never-ending maze of mental games; which leaves you in a worse mood than when you started thinking in the first place. So you shut everything down, or try to dull the mind in one way or another.

Most of these thoughts which enters the mind are thoughts of fear and doubt. We live in a world of “regretting the past, and worrying about the future.” These are thoughts which we have no immediate control over, but they “rule the mind” anyway. Why do we live in a mind filled with sorrow and regret? And why do some people choose to do it?

Our mind is a giant muscle which loves to be used. In fact it’s the most powerful muscle we have; but it is also a jealous muscle. We can do anything with our minds: we can kill, we can give life, and we can also self destruct our third dimensional mind if we choose to let the ego run freely. Our mind will go to any extremes to be used. So we must “direct” the mind how to be used.

The ego is a tool in which we need to survive, but it is also a destructive tool if overly active. Along with help from our problem solving mind and the ego we live in a constant state of “what we should have done” or “what will we do?” We have to realize that the past is gone. And what we choose to learn or experience from that time is long gone. At this moment in time we have just “situations” which of course need to be dealt with; but we choose to make them life problems in our mind.

The best way to get rid of emotional baggage is to reprogram the mind. Teach the mind to live in the “present moment” instead of the past and the future; with all of the worries and regrets.

A mental break is all which is needed to reprogram the mind. After a while these mental breaks start to last a little longer until your unconsciously taking these “mental breaks” and you don’t even realize it; unless you start to notice that you’re in a better mood than usual. Of course these mental breaks are meditation which is a way to find the peace (or the God) which lies within us all.

Pick a quiet time of day where you can relax and feel at ease. Sit or lie down and try to shut down the excessive chatter in the mind. When a thought enters the mind send it right back out the same way it came in. Relax and take several deep slow breaths and exhale them slowly. Actually if you just concentrate on your breathing the thoughts usually slow down.

Sometimes this is hard to do for some so visualization is a method which usually seems to help. Visualization is just putting your mind somewhere that is peaceful where you can relax the mind, and slowly begin to use it in a productive way to gain insight. There’s a quiet place which resides in our minds where our God or spirit lives. But, this is a place some people never visit while there awake. All that is left for them is their unconscious minds (when they’re sleeping).

A form of meditation should be practiced every day just as you would brush your teeth or wash your face. The more you do it the stronger control you begin to have on the mind. Your mind begins to realize that you don’t “live there anymore” and it quits visiting the old haunts it used to thrive on. It begins to focus now on new areas of thought.

Meditation tapes can be bought at almost any department store or music shop. They can be guided meditation tapes to get you started; or just peaceful music to help you relax. You can live the rest of your life going over and over the same thoughts with no relief in sight; or you use the best muscle you have to manifest your future. Like the old saying goes “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.” It’s just sitting there waiting for your direction; it usually seems go where you send it.