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Dreams Dream Dreaming Dream Symbols Sleep Deprivation Rem Sleep why Dreams are Important

Have you ever met someone who told you that they didn’t dream?  They are not exactly lying but they are not exactly telling the truth either.  Everyone who sleeps will dream. Most of us do not remember our dreams and those that do can only recall about one percent of the dreams that they have.This can be blamed on the lack of neurotransmitters in our brains.There is simply not enough room to keep all this information in our conscious minds.

Why we dream is as important as why we sleep. Loss of sleep (sleep deprivation) causes psychosis.While we are awake our minds are so busy processing all the events of our ongoing lives that it can’t possibly store all this information into one place.Your conscious mind must focus on the task at hand and so the rest of this information is “backed up” or “stored” into our subconscious.

When we enter sleep, especially REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, our subconscious releases those backed up bits of information through images that our conscious mind can relate to. These images are called dream symbols. Have you ever looked up a dream in a dream dictionary? These dictionaries are usually broke up into single categories (dream symbols) and will have generalized meanings for you to decipher. You most likely can relate to these meanings because most people relate that object to that feeling. For example, you may dream that you are bitten by a red snake in the broke down car of a co-worker, and then you killed the snake. There are three major dream symbols to interpret.

The snake:  most of us have been raised with the story of the snake in the Garden of Eden.  The snake in the Garden of Eden represented the voice of the devil, so the snake in our dreams represents something dark or evil and the fact that it bit you in your dream makes that dark or evil personal. 

The color red: our blood is red and when it spills it becomes concerning.

The car: in our waking lives when we purchase cars we usually tend to purchase those that closely match our personality or who we are so when we dream and we see a car in our dream that car represents the dreamer and the condition of the vehicle can tell you how the dreamer sees himself.

So, for most of us this dream represents feelings we have about a co-worker (the snake) who may have kicked us when we were down (the broken down car). More importantly this co-worker could have betrayed you by voicing a concern to your manager (biting you) and therefore causing you problems in your work environment (the color red). By killing the snake you released the frustrations that you could not display in your true waking life.

These generalizations are great in a pinch but the dreams we have are as unique as the person that is having them. So if you are someone who has always loved snakes or has them as pets, this dream can have a completely different meaning to you.If you are trying to decipher the meanings of our dreams, it is important that you write down all the details and then decide how you feel about each symbol and how they relate to who you are physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

It is important to note that our dreams may represent memories (long-term and short-term) we have built up, a conflict we are trying to resolve, or an unexpressed waking desire.There is only speculation as to whether or not dreams can be prophetic or have spiritual influence.For now, that is for the dreamer to decide.

Yes, dreams are mysterious and for centuries have been studied by Scientist and Doctors alike and there are still quite a few unknowns.  But, what is known is that without the natural occurrence of dreams we would have no release to our psyche and therefore would be clinically insane.