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Dream Interpretation the Meaning of Dreams and Nightmares

Remembering dreams can be easy or difficult, depending on the dreamer. But correctly interpreting dreams can be near impossible unless you can discern what’s symbolic and what’s simply “filler”.

Ahhh, the things we see in dreams. Luckily, our dreams don’t translate exactly as we see them, nor do the images in our dreams neccessarily add up to what they look like they would. Yes, that means if you dreamt of kissing your crush…you probably won’t. Many times, our dreams tell us things we need to know using a person or object we care about. In other words, you’re more likely to respond or listen to your spouse or best friend in real life than you are to a complete stranger. Your mind knows that and uses the same reasoning in dreams. So, dreaming about kissing your favorite rock-star or dating a super-model is more likely to mean that 1. you think very highly of them, and 2. you’re going to do something unexpected…be spontaneous and surprise yourself.

Also, let’s get rid of the idea that dreams mean nothing and are simply your mind shooting meaningless images through our head at night. It’s true that some of them lead to a dead-end, but some of them don’t. It’s hard for us to tell the difference on our own so that’s why I have this blog. If you send me a dream and it turns out to be nothing, don’t worry about it, I still enjoy receiving unusual dreams! Also, don’t be deceived by short dreams, they can be the ones that really mean something.

One person came to me with a dream in which she was a praying-mantis surrounded by hornets. She said she was sitting on a leaf then they suddenly flew toward her. She woke up before they attacked, feeling cornered and harrassed. The dream felt as though it had lasted only seconds, but the meaning was deeper than she thought. She figured that it was simply a dream about bugs. Period. End of the mystery. After translating it though, I uncovered the true meaning. I consulted her with my translation and she admitted to me being 100% correct. The dream was not meant to symbolize a war between insects, but an emotional battle brought on by the stress of social life. I told her it was saying that there was a group or clique or students who were making her school life hard; spreading vicious rumors, teasing, snubbing, etc. The praying-mantis symbolized her, quiet and unassuming, sitting on her leaf and moving with the breeze-like flow of society. She told me that she had been harrassed by a few cheerleaders, they often cornered her at Gym class and made fun of her clothes, weight, appearence, and so on. I told her to be herself and to be proud of her individuality, to gather some confidence and show the girls that she could survive school by just being who she was born to be. The teasing soon stopped and the dreams of hornets went away.