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Don’t let no one use you

Being a nice person is sometimes hard because there are always those people that take advantage.

Most people love to have family and friends around them that care about them. But, there are always those people that don’t care about you; they only care about themselves and their satisfaction. These are the people we need to look out for, because they are only looking to use you to get what they want.

People like this sometimes blend in so well and it seems like they care about you but they don’t. They’re just waiting for the correct time to strike to use you to get what they want. Sometimes you know they are up to something but you ignore it because you figure you’re wrong. You can sometimes spot if a person is trying to use you to get what they want. They will start asking for little favors and ignore the fact that you help them, they may say thank you but they have no intentions of paying back that favor.  People that act this way believe everybody owes them and they just don’t care about the next person’s feelings.

Don’t be victims to these types of people whether you love them or not. If you have a gut feeling a person is using you, stop what you are doing for them. Some people that are being used are being used by someone they love and it is hard for them to say no. These are people that know you love them and know you won’t say no to them so they take advantage. If you have a person like this in your life, you have to let them go. Letting them go will be hard because you love them, but they don’t love you – they just want what they can get from you.

Nobody should be taken advantage of but there are always those people that will try to use and take advantage of you. You have two options simply say no or just get rid of them in your life. If you continue to let them use you, they feel like they have power over you. They feel like they control you. As long as you let someone use you, you’re not in control of your life. So take your life back, let them know you will not be used.