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Domestic Violence Domestic Violence Signs Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can take many forms. Just because someone is not covered in bruises does not mean they are not being abused.  There is financial, mental, emotional, physical and sexual. It is a reoccurring cycle that is difficult to be broken, and in many cases stopping the abuse is impossible. It is important as a society we learn to recognize the signs. 

Death murder and suicide are very high risks involved with domestic violence. It is an isolating and devastating germ forcing the abused into darkness unlike any other known to man. It is not enough to just leave. Consequently when the abuse victim does leave they are at the highest risk of harm being inflicted on them by their abuser. Abusers love to use intimidation as a way to trap their prey. By holding the children or other family members over their head they are damned to the life of torture, or so they think.

There is a way out. It involves strategy. You will need help. One must keep a very low profile. Get as far away you can and make no contact with the abuser. Abusers have an unexplained mental hold that will lure a victim right back into their clutches. There are so many forms domestic violence can take. The bottom line is if it hurts then it is abuse. It is as simple as that. Domestic violence is a deadly epidemic that is all too often ignored.

Domestic violence courses through our homes, churches, schools and playgrounds. It ends in death or incarceration for those who do not get out in time. This problem must be addresses. A lot of women feel they need to stay for the children. This is a sad mistake that has cost many. Children in abusive situations are very likely to become abusers or victims down the line. Children are affected even if they were not the targets of abuse themselves. 

The only one guiltier than the individual who is inflicting the harm is the one who knows and does nothing to prevent the disaster. Some are fortunate enough to escape. The scars they carry both inside and out never go away. It is time to recognize the forms domestic violence can take and make a stand. There is simply no excuse for doing nothing. It is everybody’s business. Everyone is someone’s child. What if it were yours? 

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