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Does Violence on Television Influence Young People to Commit Crime

To a certain extent it does influence it. Because young people are prone to influence and violence on television is no exception. Although we cannot blame everything on television, it certainly plays an important part in shaping their conscience.

In some cases, young people think that they emulate their movie heroes or that they are recreating their roles in a television show. They do not realize that this is fiction and reality is something completely different. On television everything is shown in a stylish, directed way. They forget that it is all acting.

However, there are many examples of violence and crime that are depicted in a good and positive way. So, naturally, as young as they are, they think that they can transfer it in real life. But, this is a rude awakening. It has consequences and they are not aware of that fact. So, television is partly to blame, but not entirely. Young people certainly know the difference from right and wrong. I am sure they know what can be done and what cannot.

When they decide to commit a crime, they must have their own, personal, complicated reasons for that. Youth plays a part in this also but it is also only partly to blame.

We can say that television glorifies crime and thus is probably the reason of their naive thinking and deciding to commit a crime. When you watch a violent scene on television, you should know that there is nothing exciting in it. Nothing at all. You are hurting someone. However, since this is happening on television, you feel nothing. There is a barrier between you and television.

They probably think that it is cool to be violent. There are far too many violent movies available. One of them that is full of violence is the movie Natural Born Killers. It is packed with violence. So, what would young people think after watching it? It depends on the specific young people. I want to believe that there are more of them who dislike the movie. The amount of violence is simply unbearable. At least to me.

It is really short-sighted to blame everything on television. A crime is a crime. It is primarily an ugly and socially unacceptable thing. They should be made aware of that.

Violence on television is glamorised and styled. And watching it does not hurt. So, maybe this also contributes to their thinking that they can commit a crime. Being young, reckless and immature is also why they commit crimes. Deep down, they know that it is unacceptable. Yet, they commit it without thinking about the consequences. Maybe they think they will disappear like the TV show they like watching. After 60 minutes or so everything will end. However, reality is more complicated and different from television. In real life they cannot escape into another TV show. After committing crime, they suddenly realize that there is no more television in front of them. Some of them definitely use television as an excuse in combination with their age.

One thing is for sure. Bitter lessons are to be learned whether they like it or not.