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Do you believe in God believe or Disbelief in God is God Real Mystery of Christ

What Makes You Believe Or Disbelieve In God

Most people say they will believe in God when offered proof. But blessed are those that believe without seeing. Indeed, today we find many a doubting Thomas, of whom Christ might say, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:29

I Believe

You are what you eat, and the people you hang around with. Hang around people filled with the spirit of truth, and sooner or later you will come to believe in the King of Kings. This cannot be helped, because with an open heart, one filled with love and mercy, the God of love will fill your cup. Once mind gets out of the way, the spirit of truth pours in. This always results in the death of the false self, the “I” construct, and the merging of the Self into the will of God, which creates an extension of love. That’s who we are made to be, why not let the truth consume you, its much easier than the alternative.

Do Miracles Make Believers Out Of Men?

Some people insist on tangible evidence before they can accept that God exists. Would it really make much difference if God were to come in all of his glory today, and make miracles? Would people believe? God himself, already came down to the earth, and made himself in the likeness of man, so that mankind could better relate to him. How else would one that loves, reach out to a people that see God as foreign, but to become just as they are.

Yet, even then, with Jesus incarnate in the human, as flesh, performing miracle after miracle, the people did not believe him to be the salvation of mankind. What does it take for one to believe? God is still performing miracles, and yet, people cry, “more, more, more.” When is one really satisfied?

Real Freedom In Faith

I’ve come to believe the single most important factor that builds belief in God is a willing heart; a heart willing to submit to God, and to obey God. God gave man the gift of free will. For this reason, all human beings have a choice to believe in God, and accept the gifts he has to offer them, or to reject God.

When you believe, you accept the truth of life. This takes courage, and faith. It is faith that our God is a God of love and mercy, and will have compassion for you. Most people live their lives in fear; fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of shame…and for this reason they cling to false truths rather than to love.

Many people also treasure their independence so much; they do not realize the liberty they give up when they reject God as their Father figure. There is more to be gained than lost when one accepts the authority of heaven, for it is here that salvation sings.

To believe in anything other than God is to live an illusion. It is one of many false impressions and perspectives. God offers a perspective of love, peace, and mercy. God offers his people salvation, refuge, and eternity. Sure, there are many other deities presented as bait for those interested in other doors or ways to numb the mind of reality. Might other realms exist? Certainly; but are they in the blueprint God intended for his people?

Human beings are born with a void, a sense of something missing. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that the only thing capable of filling this void is Christ.

Christ is always present, always knocking, always a whisper in the wind away. But until in faith you welcome him into your heart, and believe that he will touch you then you are stuck up a creek without a paddle. The evil forces of the world can manifest a painted picture of what paradise on earth might look like, if it existed. The king of darkness can easily disguise himself as an angel of light and perform miracles.

But the true God is a God of love and mercy; when you believe in Him and put your faith and trust in Him, miracles begin happening every day. If you can’t see them, ask for God to open your eyes and ears, and you will begin to see them. If you are one of the fortunate, he won’t have to knock you down too hard, although his presence in your life may turn your life upside down.

New Covenant

Belief isn’t something you master; it is a covenant you make with the Lord to be faithful to him. It is a promise; it is salvation. If you believe in God, you must be willing to pick up your cross and commit to the Lord before you will truly come to know the Lord. Building an intimate relationship with God is the only way to truly get to know him. Why not give it a try? Try to hold onto his love. Ask him to show you what love looks like in its purest form, and then perhaps you can reconsider your position. The greatest miracle of all after all, is waking up to a new day each morning. That in itself is a gift only the greatest creator of all could bestow on mankind.

Do I believe? Yes, because it is a miracle I am here with you writing this today.