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Do all Roads only ever Lead to Heaven

There are many roads leading to heaven, but the fastest road to take is the one named love. When we walk on the golden road of love, we look under our feet, and we find that we are already walking in Heaven. We are there already.

Heaven is not anywhere else, but within us right now. The oneness of God allows the infinite numbers of the paths that we might or might not take to all only ever lead us back again to God.

Is there one broad path, or are there many roads that lead to heaven?

The path or the road to heaven is individually created for each soul. This means there are as many paths as there are souls. There are an infinite number of paths and they all lead to heaven.

The next question is, where is heaven and what is heaven?

The paths to heaven are within yourself and are created as a record of your own souls experiences in obtaining an understanding of love while on this path.

The path is incomplete until you reach the full understanding of yourself as being within God At this stage the path of your own individuality disappears, and you walk the rest of the way with God on his path. His path is only your path, and all other paths combined into his oneness of love.

Every step on your path is necessary and no steps lead to failure. No step is a backward step or a mistake to take. All steps only ever lead and take you forwards.

The only road to heaven is within you, you can not find it somewhere outside of you, or even walk it with someone else. Each path is individually created different for each and every soul to uniquely walk on only for themselves.
Nobody can be anyone else except for themselves. We cannot walk somebody else’s path for them, and nor can they walk ours for us.

Nothing is at the end of the road except for yourself. All love, truth and knowledge are always available at every step on the road. You are not on the road to get to Heaven. The road is only ever to meet yourself on, and to observe the beauty, wisdom and perfection of all on your own path, and also off of it.

You can not miss any steps on your path or jump off onto a side track. Each step must be taken, and is equally important for you to take.

Why is it even necessary to take the road to our own place within heaven or within God?

Love enters heaven only via you re-entering it as you. God sends his love into all the worlds to be gathered by each soul, and then returned to him in heaven. Love placing itself in all places then extends heaven to be in all places where souls who love God are dwelling. Heaven is everywhere where it is recognised to be. You can only see it through the eyes of love.

Whichever path that you choose, it is always the right one for you. You cannot make mistakes. All is perfectly unfolding for you in you as it must do so. The only problem you can have is to refuse to see yourself unfolding into the flower that you are meant to be.

You can see yourself as you when you forgive yourself enough to totally accept yourself for being you as you. Love will eventually destroy all obstacles on your path that you have created as karma in order not to see, or to hide the truth of yourself. Whenever you recognise your own purpose for being you, you then know that you are living as you on your rightful path or road.

We all walk on the road of love and yet some of us only view it through dark glasses.

We see less than the full light of love that is always shining on us and on our path. Every person’s path is only for themselves and it is perfectly matched to their individual characteristics and personality or temperament. We must gather the wisdom on each step of our path as we experience God’s love within our own truths. We thus gain in the ability to love from the higher knowledge of love’s wisdom now being part of ourselves.

This bridge connecting us to the higher understanding of love becomes for us our continuing road to meeting ourselves. The further we go along the road, the more we become our real selves and fulfil actively our true part in God’s master plan. We are dropping our old self or ego driven personality and becoming our own person as soul.

We must sacrifice or crucify our old self to accept our new self. This sacrifice must grow to include everything within us, so that there is now nothing remaining in us including our body, mind, emotions or thoughts that we would not put aside for others in order to love them. We will help them in whatever way love moves us towards them, and in the ways that love now shows us to help them, and to love them as themselves.

Love is the only road to heaven, but there are myriads of ways to love. The infinite ways of love loving lead each one of us back again only ever to the oneness of God being us in us.

All paths lead back to ourselves where we will find then that God has never left us. All roads lead to heaven and to ourselves and to God. All roads are the same road within the infinite paths of oneness. We each travel a different path on one and the same road.