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Devotionals Fully Resting in God

Do you feel overwhelmed by your life, as feel discouraged by your current situation? Are you feeling abandoned by God and unworthy of being his child? Have you struggled to find peace and rest in your daily life, but cannot seem to obtain it? If so, then I am writing this devotional especially for you! Did you know that God has promised to give you rest in the Bible? However, you must strengthen your faith and believe in the promises God has given you.

First memory verse is Hebrews 4:9, “There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God!” (KJV)

Did you know that God is there waiting for you and he hasn’t abandoned you. Discover him again, by getting to a quiet place and praying for God to renew your spirit. He will bring you into his rest and give you peace, unlike you have ever known in your life. However, you must remember to continue praying to him and reading more about his promises. One way, you can do this is to honor a vital but overlooked commandment in our lives, especially when you feel like you are running against time.

In today’s culture, some people are needed to work seven days a week, just to pay the bills and continue feeding his or her families. Some religions believe that Saturday is actually the Sabbath, while other religions observe the Sabbath on Sundays due to their beliefs. Be sure to begin honoring and observing the Sabbath each week, no matter what day you choose. This will help you build your faith, as well as strengthening your personal relationship with God.

Second memory verse is Hebrews 4:10, “For he that has entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.” (KJV)

Each week, on the Sabbath, take time to honor him entering into his peaceful rest and stop working for the entire twenty-four hours. Before long, you will find yourself resting in God and felling at peace with the world that surrounds you. Additionally, you will fellowship with God and enter into a intimate and personal relationship with his son…Jesus Christ!

God will be there to help you back to your feet, while guiding and comforting you throughout your journey. Even if you stumble and fall many times, he will be there waiting patiently for you to ask for forgiveness. Furthermore, he wants you to feel and discover his unconditional love for you, which will help you learn to forgive yourself. God makes his promise clear in the Bible, so take time to read daily for his letter of love to you.  


God’s desire is for you to know that you are worthy of being his child, because he made you for his own pleasure according to Rev. 4:11. He is not ashamed of you, so open your heart up to him and let him transform you into the person you want to be. You will finally enter into his rest and find the peace that you have longed for, once you take the time to honor the Sabbath as he has instructed you to do. Lay your head upon God’s chest, while his love faithfully covers your soul with a peace that will sustain your soul.