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Developing your own Belief System

With maturity comes wisdom, or so they say. If you are living a conscious life then this statement is true, for to live consciously is to allow what you have learnt in life from childhood until the present moment and use it to enrich your new experiences.

Whatever we learn as children be it religious beliefs, rituals, cultural norms and attitudes of society, if they do not fit with your life you can change them. Many people believe that to change their wayof praying to God, for example, or to think in a different way to the way we have been taught, is not possible.

If you are born into a religious belief system which as you grow does not resonate with your heart, then you can look elsewhere in order to find fulfillment. It is not being disloyal to your family, culture or God, it is being true to yourself, which is always right.

Being true to yourself allows you to look at your life externally and then turn inwardly and see if what you see out there matches with what you feel inside. Sometimes this is not possible especially if you are still living under illusion that what you have learnt is the only way and anything else is the wrong way.

As children we are conditioned to believe whatever our parents teach us to be true and then in school we learn a little more about a little more and we add this to our experiences with others and come up with a conclusion to what life is about. If you are of certain faith you most probably will remain of that faith, especially if you are surrounded by people with the same views, as like attracts like.

But if you leave from the environment where everyone thinks the same then you allow other perceptions to mix with your own. This can be rather uncomfortable since different opinions are clashing together and depending on what your personality is like you may thrive on this difference of opinion and challenge other’s beliefs or you may shrink into your hide-out and decide that life out there is too frightening and close the door to other ways of being.

Sometimes things happen to us in life where we are thrust into a different situation where we have to rely on what we have been taught. We may find that our old beliefs whether religious or cultural do not help us in our life. Core beliefs are the essence of your belief system and they are the beliefs learnt within your family and early development circle, for example, school and society. Core beliefs are what we base the rest of out beliefs on life on, for example, if you have learnt that people are untrustworthy, your core belief will hinder your ability to make friends in life.

We meet people in life through college, work and recreation who are different to us. Sometimes we may be attracted to their difference, maybe we will admire how courageous they are or sociable or kind. These qualities may be something you have had around you in people amongst your family circle or they may be qualities that you have never come across.

We gravitate to people like us but also to people who have something we would like to be like. As humans we are social beings and we need to be with others. If you are only with people who think like you then this can be good for your self-esteem, but not much for your personal development. Difference is the essence of being alive. By meeting with different opinions and different beliefs, we can challenge our own belief system.

Developing your own belief system can be liberating and maturity means you have earned the right to be who you truly are and like who you are. Everything you have learnt until the present moment makes you who you are. You have a choice to be free from any restrictions, to discard outdated beliefs that do not serve you and also take on beliefs that sit perfectly with the person you truly are.