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Determining which of the six Star Wars Movies is the best

I being a big Star Wars Fan not to the extant I would go to a convention or anything but me and my brother grew up loving the first trilogy. By brother owned the Vader case you carry the action figures in and he had the ships and models. My favorite was Jaba’s palace I’m gonna start there because that I would have to say was my favorite, Return of the Jedi was what sealed the deal for me. How could you not love the first two as well, (Hope) The great Obi-One, (Empire) finding out Luke’s father was a ruler of the Dark-side, (Jedi) the third of the original trilogy three… three did it for me. Luke was now a Jedi we seen Yoda pass on, and finally Han-Solo was back which made Empire Strikes back my third choice because for the hole movie Han was frozen in carbonate. The Jedi order had a future that was once a past. Luke finds peace with his self his father and his new found sister. Episode I: I will say the movie was out of sorts. Not belonging with the rest, but George had to start somewhere Anikan Skywalker was just a boy so yes it would be a little kiddish. It showed the relationship that was never mentioned between Obi-One and his first true master. Which also became incorporated in the last Star Wars Film, and what the Hell ever happen to Jar-Jar. Did he die with the Jedi or what he was never even mentioned in the last movie, or any others for that matter. Which makes Phantom my last pick. Moving on to Episode II: I happened to really enjoy that one It would have to be my second best in the series. Anikan becomes in raged with hate and pain from the death of his mother, finds love in Padama and master Yoda kicks some butt… Anikan is now grown and will soon become transformed in to the great Darth Vader. Revenge of the Sith: This one was also very good seeing the birth of the baby’s and how they got separated. How Vader became Vader fighting his friend a mentor for greatness was very well played out, making Sith my fourth choice. A New Hope: The beginning, well so we thought. A young farm boys dream to one day leave home and do greatness with his life, leading him to Obi-One. Even though I love all these movie’s equally compared I’d have to say it would be number fifth on my list. Empire Strikes Back: Another great movie Luke trains with one of the oldest,littlest, greenest, wisest Jedi of them all, knowing the truth about his father. Obi-One showing back up to give Luke some advice. Now on to my number one pick, Return Of The Jedi: again I said it once I’ll say it again this was the best Star Wars in my book. How could you not love the Ewaks the little fury, spear chucking Guinness’s. I could never truly pick just one as my favorite again I love them all it was a great story it made you want more why do think there was not one not two but six films made all about the same story. Launching books, games etc. People cant get enough, Star Wars is just that GOOD!
Sorry to the real Star Wars Buff’s ( the ones that do attend conventions ) if I misspelled any or all of the names above.