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Destiny Plan Life Choose Fate

You take a person and put him on this planet and watch as he lives his life. He has questions such as; “Do I have a destiny?”; or “Does life have a plan for me or do I plan life?” When something happens to a person that doesn’t make sense or have a reason, he tends to rationalize it with the good old everything happens for a reason line. It tends to be the comforting belief that gives him hope that things will change for the better. It helps him understand that bad things happen to good people and he also believes that continued good character and morals will bring good things and fortune in return.

Then there is the thought and theory that our fates are not already written. Everything we do in life leads to another action. A person’s mood or aura determines what life throws at them. Someone living in fear will be sheltered and won’t take chances. Their life may be a bore and never have any life changing experiences. A person that is always positive and happy will have great experiences and everything will go their way. An angry negative person will most likely run into problems and trouble. If you believe you are destined for greatness, you will achieve it, if you do not have that belief and don’t think you will account for anything, you probably won’t.

If you believe destiny is written then, by all means, wait for it to take shape. Just know that opportunities will most likely pass you by. Instead of waiting why not go ahead and imagine and picture where you would actually like to be? Say it, believe it and expect it!

I say, take the cards you are dealt and modify it however you would like. You will end up where you are destined, but you create your destiny. Mold it and shape it however you like, because it is there for the taking if you want it. Don’t have bad expectations or thoughts and they will surely stay away. Be happy, look for good things and expect them and they will come in abundance! Destiny can be controlled if you choose to control it. You can take everything that life gives you and go through the routines, but will you feel like you are where you need to be or will you think that destiny led you to where you are? There are chances where you will coincidentally meet people but, truly, do you think maybe you meet that person because you attracted them to you by your expectations and thought?. One way or another there is someone or something listening to you and will guide you to where you choose to be led to. Make your destiny.