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Definition God Lord Savior Creator Father

Explaining why or how God or gods subsists is very similar to attempting to substantiate that we have souls, or we exist as a greater entity then any other animal that exists today on earth.

For instance, our existence solely depends on countless plants and animals for our very own survival, and our population is growing to the point where humans make more and more of an impact on the grand scale of nature on our planet. You cannot provide evidence that global warming exists unless you can prove it happened in the past repetitively. For instance, you can conclude it or make a theory but until you have several instances of global warming with humans existing as a plausible main cause we will not know hardly anything about it nor will we be fit to realize the truth correctly and fully. You can have the sun be in a hotter cycle then what it is forty years from now, and it would later be in global cooling on earth compared to now.

Now with God or gods you have beings that are very powerful and are supposed to be all knowing and have created the universe, or one or more of them if you believe in more then one, and have interacted with us homo sapiens. So how do you prove that God or gods have interacted with us? You really cannot, and that is where belief comes in. Some people say that science is God because that is what he created and how he interacts with us. So they connect science with trying to understand God’s creation which is how God communicates with us. God created the world and we should try and understand his creation according to his laws.

The biggest thing that gets me about how people understand but yet conflict their own ideas: God did not create evil or something down that path for instance. Now if he created everything, which he did because he is God, then he created evil. It is simple as that. But looking at it another way it is not exactly evil but more like something that is not with the essence of life which God cares for since he created it. Even that might not be the definition of evil as in being the opposite of God or what God stands for. Maybe you cannot stand against God because God created everything. So everything we think, know, and feel is something that God has planned or known since the beginning. This is where free will gets knocked out of the park.

Some beings say that God gave us free will, and we have our own choices to make. Well to tell you the truth we are chemical reactions scientifically and that is fact. What we think and do is based upon what effects us. We are all each very different in our own way and very similar at the same time. For instance, a billion people would react slightly in difference to very different from the same cause. Like when there is a fire and your in it, you try and get out. Some might panic, some don’t understand, or some even know exactly what to do. Regardless, all of the reactions are different in some way. So when a fire burns, does it burn the same way? Well when you look at it from a distance, you could say so, but when you look closer at it you can tell that every fire that ever existed is different in its own way. You cannot prove there has been two fires that were the same. Maybe you had one more atom then the other fire or one less. The point is that we are chemical reactions that are carrying out chemical processes. The same applies to every single human being that has existed or will exist, regardless if they are even a clone or not.

The difference between a fire and a human (or even an animal in some cases) is that we have a soul. We cannot prove it exactly but many somehow know it is there. Very similar to God is that you cannot prove it. Why would a soul exist in a human chemistry and not fire chemistry? Don’t we both react to what is given to us? Maybe you can say that human reactions are more complex then a fire but what about an animal? Sure, maybe you think they are stupid and cannot learn what we can, but they do. They might not being able to think like a human and use tools to make life easier, but don’t they survive? Why yearn to live and keep living for as long as they can? Isn’t that the same exact thing as a human? That is essentially the only difference between a human, which is an animal, and fire. A fire will not try and keep burning by burning part of a tree to fall on the next. It just burns and that is exactly what is will keep doing. So is there a soul or are we any different from a fire which might or might not have a soul depending on religion.

Now I’ve heard and seen the statement that the big bang proves that there is a God. Well if there is a God, it is God or it is something that God created. You cannot exactly prove when or where the big bang occurred. It is even still theory so therefore God is a theory to them. Not something that is true and fact. Unless you can prove it though facts then you cannot say something is true.

From my understanding the universe is God and it is the universe who we owe our existence. We are a part of God. God is not inside us or not completely separate. We are a very very VERY small part of God. I no doubt believe that it is very plausible that life exists elsewhere in the universe and that it is impossible to become equal or even remotely close to what God is because you would have to be the universe and something more to be God. I cannot prove it but it is something you cannot deny exists… the universe. God also created the universe so he is also something more as well. You cannot deny that is the true definition of God.