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Defending Christmas

Defending Christmas a Christian’s Right

There is one time of the year that for some people they feel more alive, patient, and hungry to find peace. It is during that day of Thanksgiving, that wonderful time of family gathering, a hope for love and forgiveness that sizzles in the air and makes you proud to be a part of such a wonderful motley crew of humans for a whole month to come.

Christmas is more than just the commercialism we see in stores, on the television, during that gift giving idea to boost moral and knit a close bond with your co-workers. This is a time to rejoice in the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Christians believe that Jesus is the true Son of God, the Messiah who will come again to take us home, and the Prince of Peace. His birth is rejoiced because of the way his life began. A small, humble, poor family ordered to a city to be counted in a census. Tired from the long day of travel and very close to giving birth, Joseph begs for a room at the inn for his wife, Mary. Unfortunately none was available. Feeling sorry for the young mother-to-be the innkeeper offers his stable as a lodging.

Hours later, Mary gave birth to a beautiful babe and laid him in the manger wrapped in swaddling clothes…so the story goes. The Prince of Peace, King of Kings, and the Son of God was born not in a fine hospital or birthing house with a midwife attending to her pains. Jesus was born in a meager stable, on a cold night, to a young woman and man surrounded by animals.

His birth announcement was not that of silver embossed card with the name of the retail stores to find the registered list to buy him gifts, but an angel appearing in a field singing “Rejoice! For the Son of God is born!” And a shining star that led three wise men to where he lay, bearing humble gifts of frankincense, gold and mirth.

Could this be where the gift giving custom of Christmas comes into our present day traditions? Do we have pageants, plays, and celebrations because the wise men and shepherd gathered to celebrate and behold our Savior? Is Jesus why we find our patience, good will to one another, and our renewed joy for hope and peace? I would like to think so. He is that one person that does all this and still loves with his whole heart.