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Decline in Church Attendance because of Worldly Issues

Going to church every sabbath, was once considered a family tradition.. An entire family may have raised their children in the church and closely followed this tradition of going to church together as a family each Sunday, following a tradition that was passed down from one generation to the next. Alas, this rich family tradition has waned in the churches today. People don’t seem to be attending churches regularly as they once did in the past. The common reasons why people leave their churches are as varied as the different people in the church congregation.

Sadly, some might say it’s the condition of today’s society and the destruction of family values and traditions. Yet, still others might consider other reasons why church attendance has declined.  The reasons for not attending church regularly may seem like excuses and some might think they have valid reasons for leaving their church.

Sadly, many people leave churches because they don’t feel valued and loved in their churches They may not feel a true fellowship in the church. Some church members might serve up a good dose of condemnation to other members in the congregation. Churches can be filled with gossip mongers and people who just come to church to see who else is coming and who is giving a sizable tithe. Who is to say if this is a valid reason for leaving a church? After all, shouldn’t church goers  feel comfortable, loved and fellowship into their church? 

This might surprise some of you, but the churches are filled with people from every walk of life. It’s unfortunate, some people stop coming to church because they allowed someone to run them away from coming to church regularly. They may have allowed someone to steal the joy they feel from attending church regularly.

Some church goers might leave a church because they are in disagreement with the pastor and the churches mission statement or doctrine This disagreement may cause dissension in the church. There have been churches that have had a decline in membership because a woman was appointed pastor of the congregation. Some church goers have not accepted women as leaders in the church.

Some people may leave the church because their employment hours are not compatible with the church hours. This might seem like a valid reason to some people. Everyone has to work to survive. There doesn’t seem to be enough time during the week for recreation, work and making a commitment to attend church regularly.

The mega churches with thousands of members are the current trend in churches now a days. Perhaps. some of these members are overwhelmed by a large congregation and the lack personal attention and devotion in these so called mega churches.

The reasons for attending church should not have anything to do with the people that attend the church, whether or not the pastor is a man or woman or the petty gossip that is apparent in some church congregations. The reasons to attend church regularly should be to have worship, fellowship with other believers and  give praise to the Lord. Anything other than praise and worship of the Lord may be seen as just something to do on a Sunday.