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Death Afterlife Spirit Soul Brains Science

Somehow, some way, most people on earth still believe that we will float out of our bodies and into the afterlife after our biological vessels expire. As you can see by the way I worded my first sentence, I don’t believe there is an afterlife. As a matter of fact, the more I think about an afterlife the less it makes any logical sense. Why would we even have life in the first place if there’s an afterlife? Why do we have brains? Why are we conscious of our own demise? Why are we fearful of dying if we’re so convinced an afterlife exists?

If an afterlife does exist, this life right here and now is absolutely meaningless – because if you compare it to the eternal “spirit realm” it’s statistically insignificant. Hell, a human life is insignificant compared to the age of universe, let alone eternity. Keep in mind, I want there to be an afterlife. I’m just convinced that there isn’t. What I think happens is that we degrade. We become part of the earth again and that’s all. A part of this magnificent circle of life we were lucky enough to have lived.

Let me explain-

We share DNA with every living thing on the planet. We share DNA with microbes, bacteria, viruses, coral, flowers, blades of grass, fruits, trees, fish, insects, lizards, snakes, bears etc. Does every single living thing on the planet also have an afterlife? Going further, we share DNA with every living thing that has ever existed on planet earth, from dinosaurs to mice. Do they have an afterlife? In the afterlife, does a Neanderthal have a pet Tyrannosaurus Rex which he uses to hunt elephants? Does a blade of grass die off to grow elsewhere in the spirit realm? Do boa constrictors hunt extinct breeds of rodents on the rustling spirit leaves in the afterlife? Do human beings prance around fields of spirit grass and other exotic vegetation with dead beings from civilizations who live billions of light years with earth in the afterlife?

We have brains. The brain renders a spirit or soul absolutely inert and meaningless. There is no evidence of mind-brain duality. If you are brain damaged, you can lose everything from childhood memories and motor skills to everything you’ve ever known. Everything you are and ever were is stored in your brain. Those electrical pathways are your personality. Those 100 billion neurons in your brain is your “soul”. If incorporeal souls or spirits did exist, wouldn’t there be an ectoplasm floating about our skulls instead of this advanced brain which took hundreds and thousands of years to get the point it is now?

We’re scared of the dark, we’re scared to die. We don’t want to leave life without having accomplished everything we wanted to accomplish. We want to be forgiven for all the wrongs we’ve done. We don’t want to leave this planet empty-handed. We want to be comforted by the fact that we will be able to make up for all these missed opportunities and wrong-doings in the afterlife. It speaks volumes to and of our human nature.

I argue that this is our life. This is our only life. There is no spiritual or religious afterlife. After we die, after our bodies become part of the earth again, what remains of us are memories in the minds of all people who have ever seen us or spoke to us. A raw form of us exists in the brains of all the people who have ever known us. And our children. Our afterlife are also the children we have. Whoever we pass our genes on to. And I ask you – I beg of you, really – to not fret over this. The chances of being human in this mind-shatteringly beautiful earth and universe are statistically as close to zero as you can get. We should appreciate this life we have and appreciate all the experiences we have and all the people we love. It would be better for all of us.