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Days Days of our Lives Entertainment Soap Operas NBC Soaps Hope Brady Alice Horton

Days of Our Lives has been one of my favorite shows since I was little and used to watch it with my mother and grandmother. Back then, in the olden days as my children would say, they didn’t have vcr’s so if we were out shopping my mother would rush us home by 1:00 so we could see Days. That being said, I have two favorite characters….one past, one present.

The woman that I loved in the “olden” days was Alice Horton. As matron of the Horton family, she was always there for her children and grandchildren, handing out sage advice and just being there for them if they ever needed her. She was a loving wife who always found time for her husband, Tom and they had a very long and happy relationship, something that is odd in soap operas. They stood beside each other through troubled times, loss of children and grandchildren and anything that came their way. Through it all, Alice was not only a homemaker, advice giver and loyal wife but she was also a very strong, independent woman. And she had a very fun loving spirit as well. Two of my fondest memories of Alice were when a) she helped Bo break his brother, Roman out of jail by putting something “special” in her famous donuts and b)when she helped Bo switch Hope for Howie at Hope’s almost wedding to Larry Welch. She was the type of woman that anyone would love having for a mother, grandmother or just as a friend. Since Frances Reid has gotten older and has had health problems, we don’t see her very often or at all and I miss her.

Not suprisingly, the woman I relate to now is named after Alice. Her great granddaughter, Hope Alice Williams Brady. No, I haven’t been kidnapped at least three times nor have I died at least twice. I haven’t forgotten who I was and had an evil twin named Gina. I’ve never been a police officer, bounty hunter, private eye or model. And I’ve never had my baby switched, had to give the one I had grown to love up and watched the other one die when they were hit by a car. However, I do relate to Hope in the fact that she, like her mother, puts family first. There is nothing for her family that Hope won’t do. All she wants is to love Bo and their children, not to mention their extended family. Hope is an adventurous, loving, caring woman and I hope that I possess these same traits. Hope is also strong, confident, understanding and forgiving….traits I would love to possess but sometimes don’t. Also, she is married to the gorgeous Bo Brady and that’s always a plus in one’s favor.