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Day of Rest from Stress

Stress from daily work, family, friends, and bills, all take a told on one’s health. What happened to the one day a week that we did not have to worry about tomorrow’s problems? A day to be with the family and have fun and think about what the future holds for the family. The one day to think of our Creator, who made it possible to have the life we have.

We know we need food, clothing and shelter. Is that enough? If we have what we need, will that make us happy? Will having to work extra to have extras make us happy?

There are millionaires and billionaires who can have everything they want, yet all they want is to have more and bigger. That empty feeling is still present within that person and who asks, what is the purpose of life? Why am I here?

Helping people over the would may help them have food, clothing and shelter, which in turn, will help them be happy for the moment. But does it make the millionaire happy, or is it just for a tax write-off. Is that all we are living for, to get through today so there will be a tomorrow.

The world is in trouble, everyone is trying to find a way – something, but don’t know what. Is going to the Eastern religions, Christendom churches or anything spiritual make one happy? Many have tried, yet there is that empty feeling. What is missing?

The Creator, who know s what is best for us in every aspect, can help us fill that empty feeling. To find answers to all our questions, how to be happy, find out what our purpose is living on this earth right now, and the meaning of life. Only our Creator can help us find the answers. No one person, no religious organization, or publications, will tell us.

In ancient days, men were to work six days a week and rest on the seventh day. Why? To show appreciation for the Creator by studying his word with the family, to understand and apply the counsel found in that word.

By having what we need, we will have the time to appreciate a life that our Creator allowed us to have with our family and friends. When we study and show appreciation for the work he has for us to do today, we will fill that empty feeling. To some it may not be easy just to read and understand and apply what it says, but it will bring us the real happiness we seek.

Just a small thing, understanding and applying what the Creator has written down for us.