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Dating an Aquarius Aquarians and Relationships and how to Woo an Aquarius

Sun Signs are the tip of the iceberg in astrology; a person’s character is a mix of many factors in their chart. This is a fun look at Aquarius  relationships and how to woo an Aquarian.

Dating an Aquarius Man ~

Uranus-ruled Aquarius has a warm spontaneity which attracts a woman’s interest. In his relationships, he will quickly make his independent, freedom-loving tendencies apparent. If his girl isn’t willing to accept the type of man he is, then she might as well start looking for another. He’ll have no time for a partner who doesn’t share his interests. His lover must also be a good friend.

Aquarius won’t be passionate, or overly emotional in his attitude to love. His unpredictability will make him an exciting, adventurous lover one day, but totally disinterested the next. This is not a man for demanding, possessive women. His lover must be independent with a life of her own. He will be honest and faithful. But for a relationship to work there needs to be a complete understanding of each other’s personality.

Dating an Aquarius Woman ~

Ruled by Uranus, the Aquarius woman has a haunting, magnetic appeal which captivates the opposite sex. As lovely as she may look, she is also very intelligent. Intellectual rapport means more to her than sexual compatibility. In love, she will shine. This woman won’t ask for demonstrative displays of affection. She won’t be fooled either by false declarations of love.

There is something elusive about the Aquarius, and to keep her interested, her lover must be willing to offer her something exciting and new. She loves spontaneity. Her approach to love is more in terms of ideals and drama, than of practicality. Romance, for this woman is sacred, reposeful and recreational all at the same time! Her lover must accept her independent personality.

How to Woo and Win an Aquarius Man ~

He is fascinated with strange new ideas and will be an active member of groups and societies ranging from photography to the paranormal. It isn’t easy to define when a platonic relationship will turn into a romance. Setting the scene for a night of loving is unlikely to have much of an effect if his brain is still engaged in thoughts of a different nature. The key to reaching his heavily hidden emotions is to work on his mind and imagination.

How to Woo and Win Aquarius Woman ~

The Uranus-ruled Aquarius girl enjoys the unusual. She has a sociable nature and is happy to be part of a crowd while at the same time remaining a degree detached. Few people get really close to her.

Romance – like all areas of her life – can be unpredictable and her wonderful sense of drama will add a tinge of excitement to her courtship. She’s a unique lady who will not tolerate a man who wants to keep her tied to the home and family. Not particularly in a rush to make a firm commitment, her man must have something exciting and individual to offer before she even thinks about marriage.

Aquarius will be a good friend as well as lover to the right partner and this partner will always allow the Aquarian a degree of freedom.