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Dancing with the Stars 2011 Cast Revealed

Dancing With The Stars (DWTW) is the wildly popular ballroom dancing competition for fading or low level celebrities who have little or no ballroom dancing experience. Over the years, football players, retired actors, singers and others have won the hearts of millions as they struggled to learn the complexities of formal ballroom dancing, an art that can take a lifetime to learn.

Now, the 2011 cast of DWTW has been announced. This season offers a new crop of famous and not so famous stars who will have to fight their way to the top of the heap.

Kirstie Allen was a star of the popular  “Cheers” television series. She won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for her lead actress portrayal as a train wreck of a business manager. She also portrayed mom Mollie Ubriacco in the “Look Who’s Talking” film series. She made her movie debut in “Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan” and has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was the most valuable player of Superbowl XL. He was a military child, born in Seoul, South Korea to an African American father and a Korean mother. A graduate of University of Georgia, he has dedicate his time to charity in Korea.

Chris Jericho, a Canadian-American personality, has had many titles, the most important one as a wrestler for the WWF and the WWE. He was responsible for some of the wildest moments in that genre. He has held multiple world, national and other wrestling championships.

Mike Catherwood, the host of “Loveline” radio, bears the nickname of “Psycho Mike”. He has a history of drug and steroid abuse, and has been sober since 2002. On his radio show, he teams with Dr. Drew Pinsky and specializes in confronting people about drug and alcohol abuse issues.

Romeo, once called Lil’ Romeo, was a very young rap prodigy. He is the son of Master P and rapper Sonya C. After putting out some successful albums and starring in movies and television, he was awarded a basketball scholarship to the University of Southern California, where he shows promise as a basketball player. He was forced to leave season 2 of DWTS because of injuries, so his return will be watched more closely by his fans.

Chelsea Kane is a Disney star and a singer. She was character Chelsea Malone on  Disney Channel’s “Jonas L.A.” and starred in Starstruck, Minutemen and the animated show “Fish Hooks”. 

Wendy Williams hosts the wildest talk show surprises of cable television. With her lighter for warming up Slim Jim’s sausages and her hatred of studio flies, she manages to attract all of the top stars for her interviews. She goes way back in radio talk show history in New York and was known for her on air spats with celebrities. She left radio to do her television talk show, which has been exposed and spoofed on a regular basis by Joel McHale of the “E” channel’s Soup show.

Kendra Wilkinson is a reality show star who is best known as one of Hugh Hefner’s live-in playmates from the show “The Girls Next Door”. She married Philadelphia Wide Reciever Hank Basset in 2009 and has a reality show “Kendra” that ended its third season in January.

Welterweight champ Sugar Ray Leonard won world titles in five boxing weight divisions. At 55 years old, the retired prizefighting legend will be one of the older, but probably fittest contestants. He is godfather to Khloe Khardasian and has appeared on several episodes of her reality show.

Petra Nemcova was a supermodel who suffered pelvic and other serious internal injuries from the devastating Thailand Tsunami in 2004. Born in what is now the Czech Republic, she was a model and television host. Her ventures and philanthropy for her Happy Hearts Fund included support for tsunami survivors, the Haitian earthquake and the Peru earthquake.

Ralph Macchio was the star of the popular “Karate Kid” movies as well as the film “My Cousin Vinny” and television cameos in “Eight Is Enough” and “Ugly Betty” . He is still active in television and film and will be popular among the “Brat Pack” film and television era fans.

Christine O’Donnell, former Tea Party candidate for US Senate has apparently declined an invitation to be a part of the cast.

The buzz is that this season’s cast selections and a lack of Christine O’Donnell will eliminate the bad taste left over from injecting politics into last year’s competition, where organized popular votes for Bristol Palin led to better dancers being voted off and boos emanating from the larger audience. The current crop includes enough clowns, idols, B-list celebrities and world class fan favorites to keep a diverse and non-political audience happy.

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