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Dancing with the Stars 2010 April 6 Week three Elimination Vote was Buzz Aldrin or Kate Gosselin

After Shannen Doherty was shockingly voted off Dancing with the Stars in the first elimination round, the star going home on April 6 was anyone’s guess.  But most viewers felt it would come down to Buzz Aldrin or Kate Gosselin.  Although Buzz is a beloved American icon and Kate is someone we love to hate – it has been increasingly difficult to watch either of these stars on the dance floor.

Not surprisingly, the first dance team of the evening to be saved was Aiden and Edyta followed by Erin and Maks.  Even more shocking was Kate and her partner Tony not being in the bottom 2, although they were in the bottom 3.  On the chopping block were Buzz and his partner Ashly Costa along with Jake and Chelsea.  The votes were in and world famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin was eliminated.  But he didn’t leave the show in tears like Shannen Doherty.  Instead, his style and grace illuminated when he said he did the show for the “military people” and to honor “elder geezers” like himself.  What a trooper!

In between save announcements and dancing entertainment, viewers were treated to the multi-talented singing of Reba McEntire.  The spicy redhead can still belt out the tunes and entertain the crowds.  This was a welcomed treat while waiting for the final vote.

One of the biggest shockers of the night was to see Jake and Chelsea in the final 2.  Not only did they perform well on Monday night, they received an amazing score of 21/30 from the judges.  Aiden and Edyta who were announced the first couple as safe had a judge’s score of 20/30.  The highest score belonged to Evan and Anna at 26/30 points.

As much as I love Buzz AIdrin, watching him do the waltz is about as entertaining as a 6 a.m. hangover.  On the other hand, Kate Gosselin is about as exciting as the dry heaves after an all-night binge session.  Reality shows that feature the famous are always quite amusing.  After all, once the winner is announced and the season is over, no one cares anymore.  Everyone will be awaiting the announcement for the next all-star lineup.  Of course, seeing Shannen Doherty’s crocodile tears when she was the first one to get booted was a Kodak moment.

Couples to return next week on “Dancing with the Stars” include Aiden and Edyta, Erin and Maks, Kate and Tony, Niecy and Louis, Jake and Chelsie, Pamela and Damian, Nicole and Derek, Chad and Cheryl, and Evan and Anna.  Fans will be tuning in to see if Kate Gosselin will be voted off so we can finally enjoy the rest of the season.