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Crystal Healing Sunstone Gemstones

Sunstone is a bright orange gemstone that resembles its namesake the sun. Sunstone is a bright orange gemstone with iridescent sparkles. The orange gemstone exhibits sparkling colors when viewed from different angles. The sparkles come from inclusions of copper, goethite, hematite or pyrite. The color of sunstone may be orange, peach, yellow, red, pink, brown, green, teal and gray. The orange gem is a form of feldspar that is also known as heliolite. Sunstone has a rating of 6 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Considered magickal, the orange sun gem has been worn as a protection talisman for centuries. Sunstone was believed to be a gem representative of a sun god in ancient Greece. People wore the sunstone gem for luck, abundance and protection. The sparkling sunstone was also thought to grant happiness and improve the intuition. As a token of the sun, the bright orange sunstone was worn to protect people from evil spirits.

The orange sunstone gemstone is a stone of vitality. The gem is believed to strengthen the body’s healing faculties.  Sunstone is helpful for allergies, hernia, osteoporosis and tooth decay. The orange sunstone helps to improve the bones, back, heart, kidneys and eyes. Sunstone helps to heal throat, cartilage and spinal problems. The gem is thought to help aching feet and rheumatism. Sunstone is believed to be helpful in treating ulcers and poisoning. The gem is thought to improve circulation and low blood pressure. Sunstone improves the blood, anemia and the menstrual cycle. The orange gem is helpful in pregnancy and breast feeding. The orange stone is also used to treat body odor. Sunstone may be used to treat sore throats. Sunstone essence is used to treat gout.

The orange gem is believed to transmute negative energies into positive energies and instill harmony. Sunstone is believed to reduce stress and clear away sadness and depression. The orange sunstone is considered helpful in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Sunstone is believed to eliminate negative vibrations. The cheery stone is an antidepressant that reduces fears and phobias. Sunstone may transmute depression into happiness. The orange gem is believed to fortify individuality, independence and self esteem.  

Sunstone is associated with vitality, abundance and longevity. The sunny stone improves luck and intuition. Sunstone transmutes negativity into positivity. The golden gem is believed to bring luck, romance, happiness and abundance into people’s lives. Sunstone is a gem of life and hope, replacing pessimism with optimism and negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Sunstone is associated with the Sun and the zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Libra. The gem can be worn, carried and placed on areas needing help. An elixir may be made by keeping a clean sunstone in water in sunlight for 12 hours. Sunstone should be washed at least once a month in warm running water. After cleansing the stone should be recharged in sunlight for several hours.