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Creation Explored

[we had to make creation stories in my anthropology class of how the universe came to be.. this is mine]

Once upon a time, there was a lovely lady by the name of Lynsie. She was very busy with school and theatre and didn’t have much time to clean her messy, messy room. So as she stayed out late and left very early, her messy room began to smell.

Deep in the depths of this clutter, was the source of the horrendous aroma; an old, used tea bag.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months that dirty old tea bag became more than just a piece of trash. Deep down in the microscopic specs of herb, a galaxy began to form.

The dusty galaxy consisted of nine planets (with various amounts of moons) which revolved around a very gaseous star. This star was later known as the sun and it was the major light and heat source of all the galaxy.

Out of the nine planets, the most important one was the planet Earth. Earth consisted of many elements, but the two major ones were the earth itself and the water.

The earth of Earth was made up of the hardened tea leaves of the tea bag and varied in levels of texture; from rocky hard to soily soft, this was the land.

The water, however, was created by the moisture that was still captured inside of the tea bag. The waters of Earth were spread out amongst the plots of land and were even seen falling from the sky in the form of rain.

With the light of the sun and the waters of the rain on the tea-leaf land, a beautiful plant sprouted. Through time, this process created many different types of plants.

The mixture of sun and rain also made a reaction above the land, in the sky. This reflective reaction was called a rainbow and it supplied color to all of the planet.

Millions of years later, there was an enormous rain storm. Rainbows appeared everywhere and began to collect rain like sponges. Soon enough, the rain came out of the rainbow and poured down to the land in the form of Skittles and they planted themselves into the rich soils of Earth.

In no time, those colorful Skittles emerged from the ground as people. All of the different colors created the different races and the damaged ones created the special people.

The people of Earth lived for many years before realizing that they were missing something. But that something was soon found when they started to spit.

Every time they spit, a chemical reaction would occur and within 24 hours a tiny animal would appear. Different people spit different kinds of animals until the world was full of an assortment of species.

After years and years, the people’s saliva began to lose it’s luster and could no longer produce animals. But thanks to sexual reproduction, this wasn’t much of a problem.

This tea bag of a universe existed for what seemed like and eternity, but would eventually come to an end when Lynsie decided to clean…