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Compassion and Purpose

Mother Teresa said, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”  I have come to see clearly and empathize with my human family.  What has been dancing in my mind lately is how incredibly traumatized our immediate culture and world we live in full of negative thinking, negative words, sexual abuse, murder, brutality, morphed marriages, junk food consumption disease, hate, racism, toxic waste, political corruption, corporate battering, assigning blame, character assassination, violence in words, violence in action and so much more.  Sticks and stones do break bones and names do hurt.  We blindly accept these destructive actions as standard daily activity.   The overwhelming, compelling desire for the quickness to hurt and having the last word as “normal” should be troubling.  Let’s redirect.

I have learned that hurt people hurt people.  Let’s not be desensitized by this and by what is reported on the evening news.  Unfortunately, it’s the “norm” to abandon a marriage, leave one family and start another; it’s an everyday occurrence for a 15 year-old to have baby as these teens emulate their favorite entertainer(s).  It’s cool to do drugs and be drunk 24/7.   Some of the top 40 tunes are the anthems.   

Overwhelming preoccupation of the external along with the nuances of social media has disillusioned many while giving birth to a mindless and careless society.  Then we wonder why things are the way they are…hmm.

Very seldom, can one gone through a single day without experiencing multiple expressions of this sick and debilitating reality.   All of this unhealthy behavior from individuals, groups, government and a humanity that has NOT grown up in a healthy, loving and nourished world but rather conditioned to accept the garbage that’s considered typical.  Most people have absolutely no idea what a healthy world looks, feels and tastes like, so let’s not expect healthy interactions.

It’s accepted that we actively ignore segments of our population victimized by horrific atrocities because it’s too depressing to discuss. By keeping it light, superficial and one dimensional is hot and socially “safe”.   It is a wonder our species still exists.   

We should be angry.  Yes angry, that anger which will move you to compassion, action, stand up and scream to be heard.  Do something that matters!

Perhaps if we realize that love is a verb and truly realize what that means then we can begin a healing in our families, community and our world.

This is Melissa Michaels and I approve this message.