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Common Marriage Myths

Whether you’re married or not, you have always heard someone who has never been married have some crazy idea about what happens after being married for some time. Every marriage is different and my marriage myths may be realities for your marriage. However I think you may find a few universal myths here that will take you back down memory lane to a time before marriage when you may have thought some of these very things.


1.) After the honey moon, it all goes down hill

Absolutely not. If you have a good marriage, it will only get better after time.

2.)The wife stops taking care of herself after a few years of marriage

No, this happens when the husband stops paying the wife attention. This doesn’t always happen, but can happen.

3.)After awhile, you kind of stop loving each other as much

Again not always true. After a while a couple may become preoccupied by life and kids, and become distant. But if the couple truly loved each other from the beginning, they should continue to have a loving relationship. Not every marriage works out and sometimes people do lose interest in each other, but not always.

4.)As soon as a married couple has kids, their life is over

No as soon as a couple has kids, their life just begins.

5.)After a while the only issue that gets talked about is usually money problems

It is true that money issues are one of the main causes for divorce however it’s just one of the issues married couples face in the first few years.
Once you get past those first years of marriage, things get easier.

6.)Once a spouse has cheated, he or she will cheat again

Okay so this is touchy. I do not want to find myself in this position but I have seen it before with family and friends. If the spouse can get past the heartache from their loved one cheating, and the cheater truly learns a valuable lesson, the couple can make it work and it doesn’t mean once a cheater always a cheater although the spouse may have to earn their loved ones trust again.

7.) They are only together because of the kids

It is true that some couples stay together only to raise their children but not all couples with children are only together because of the kids. Being a parent puts a stress on your marriage sometimes. As long as you have a strong will and show your spouse that you love them, then you can have a wonderful marriage.

8.)No married person is truly happy

A person who believes this must be unwilling to allow themselves to be happy. You can be very happy in a marriage.

9.)Married life almost seems like a routine after awhile

If you never add excitement and romance to your marriage, it can almost seem like a routine. This is all up to the people in the marriage and how they treat their spouse. A marriage can be just as fun and exciting after 20 years as it can after 2 months.

10.)Married couples are boring so they all hang out with other married couples

Well this one is a little bit harder to justify as a myth! It is somewhat true that married couples hang out with other married couples. This is because no one wants to feel like a 5th wheel and 3 people is a much more awkward number than 4. Plus a married couple is going to have more in common with another married couple. What I am disputing is that married couples are not boring. Married couples go to bars together,
have parties, and do just as many exciting things as single people. The only difference is that they are doing these things with another couple rather than solo or with a big crowd of people.

These are just a few marriage myths. In reality no myth about marriage can really be thrown out the window because in every fabrication there is some truth.
Every marriage is different and every marriage has seen its crazy moment.

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