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Commentary why People Hate Simon Cowell

In my opinion, people hate Simon Cowell because he’s too HONEST! Most TV viewers, not just in the US but throughout North America, don’t like to be honest & upfront about what they think or what might be successful or a flop. Here’s why; for some reason honesty has been replaced by “political correctness” & being nice, you don’t want to hurt the poor kid’s feelings so you can’t tell him how bad he really did.

Well, sooner or later that kid’s gonna be told either by a record company or by the simple fact that none of his CD’s are being sold that he stinks. And if there isn’t someone like Simon to tell him/her what to work on. For example; last year, there was this hippy chick who sang quite decently, wonderful voice (Simon told her so), but Simon also said that the choice of song wasn’t what they were looking for, so from there she flips out & started cursing Simon, almost as if she was HOPING to get the chance to flop the audition just to tell him off.

There are alot of people out there who just see auditions as a time to be nice and only see how well a performer does and a time to flatter said performer. But with every audition, not just in American Idol, but for all plays, movies etc. If the actor/singer isn’t right for the part or band or whatever, then everyone looks bad if he/she gets the part. Auditions are a chance to see IF the individual has it or might have it with a bit of work or doesn’t a chance in Hades.

People also hate Simon because they see that he’s got more guts then they do. Too many people would finish their meal & wait til after they had left the restaurant to tell their friends the food was awful rather than have a discussion with the waiter/manager/cook to fix the problem. Most people would prefer to see someone lose their business or not sell CD’s while the singer wonders why “if I’m such a great singer, and such a popular star, how come nobody’s buying my music & movies?”.

The main reason why people “hate” Simon is because most people who are “outside the showbiz industry” don’t see how much work goes into auditions for the “BIG SHOW”. The public often is clueless to the many people who line up for various parts before making it “big”. Harrison Ford made countless auditions for many movies, most of which he failed to get, before he (a stage carpenter) got the chance to audition for Indianna Jones. If Stephen Spielberg gave the part to the first person to audition, Raiders of the Lost Arc would have been the biggest flop in Hollywood history.