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Commandment Sabbath Jeremiah Sunday Healing Jesus Christ Nebuchadnezzar Jerusalem United States – No

Christians have been commanded by God that they should not bear a burden “nor do any work”(a) on the Sabbath in order to honor that day of rest by keeping it holy. God “blessed” the seventh day because, on that day, He “rested” from the work of creation. He also “sanctified” it(b), or set it apart as holy – a sacred day.

Christ illustrated that it is good for men to do good works on the Sabbath. Right before the very eyes of the scrupulous Pharisees, Jesus instantly healed a man with a crippled hand on the sacred day.(c) Not only should Christians attend church on the Sabbath, but it would be good to visit a sick friend, help feed the homeless, comfort a widow, etc. Jesus confirmed, by the power of His works, that “it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath.”(d)

It should be noted that the physical body, after working for six days, needs a day of rest to be refreshed. Many Christians will also agree that it is a blessing to be spiritually refreshed, by God’s grace – Sunday morning church services provide such refreshment. Some songs of praise and a message from the pastor – to help strengthen moral fiber.

The LORD blessed the seventh day, and any nation that is careful to hallow the Sabbath will be blessed. Jeremiah prophesied in the gates of Jerusalem to “all the inhabitants” of Judah.(e) If the people had heeded the command and carried no burdens, and did no work on the Sabbath, blessings would have continued to be poured out on the kings, cities and people of the land for eons.(f) This was not a new command; which had already been made known to the patriarchs.(g)

According to the fourth commandment, not only were the people to “remember” the Sabbath, but to “keep it holy”.(h) Otherwise, the LORD would start a fire in the city that would “not be quenched” – a fire that would “devour the palaces”.(i) But the warning from Jeremiah was not heeded. During the nineteenth year of his reign, Nebuchadnezzar entered Jerusalem and burned the temple, the king’s palace and the entire city.(j) If the Sabbath is not kept holy, fire will follow.

In the United States, a country with churches of various denominations scattered far and wide, all American Christians should consider how important it is for their country to remain protected from hostile invaders beyond its borders. And, for as long as the Sabbath day of Sunday remains sanctified, may their enemies be restrained.

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