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Christmas Gift Ideas that Stay True to the Origin of Christmas

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Can you remember as a child how excited you were to know you had been good all year long, and on Christmas eve night Santa clause would bring toys when you woke up on Christmas day? As a kid we never really questioned how one man could ride on a sleigh controlled by reindeer, and deliver toys to every single boy and girl all around the world,all in one night! Still year after year many little children get excited when the Christmas tree goes up and anxiously await that magical day. It’s amazing what you believe when your a kid.

The sad part is many children really don’t know the real meaning of Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ should not be pushed aside for fictional characters like Santa Clause. One might argue that a superficial character such as Santa Clause was created to bring joy to all kids in a time of innocence. However, would we as parents lie to our children about something as serious as taking rides from strangers? I’m sure not so Is not the Birth of Jesus Christ something important enough for our children to know about?

While there is nothing wrong with the art of giving, it is important that children understand that the origination of giving gifts comes from Matthew chapter 2 verse 11 when the wise men gave gifts in acknowledgment and celebration of the birth of Christ. There is no mention of a jolly man in a red and white suit gliding threw the air on reindeer. Considering how long the symbol of Santa clause has existed, I feel it is important for children to hear and know the truth.

So this season as you prepare to fill the bottom of your tree with countless items from commercials and advertisements. Let us be mindful of the real meaning of the season. Let us not get caught up in the world of businesses attempting to make money at the expense of our saviors birthday.May I leave you with the one gift that cannot be bought or sold,the gift from God his only begotten son Jesus Christ. Now can you think of anything more worth receiving?