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Christmas Freedom of Speech War Government – Yes

Is hard to believe that in the year 2008, Christmas is a topic of debate or perhaps the most important topic among a selective group of people. Did we forget that people are dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, Republic of Georgia, and many other parts of the world due to war. Did we forget that millions of people go to sleep everyday hungry, did we forget that homelessness is real and millions of people do not have a place to sleep? Yet Christmas is a subject of debate because it represents the birth of Christ or better yet, it represents Christianity. Wow! What a concept of debate, perhaps our energy and time should be placed in real issues that affects all of us such as judges letting people convicted of committing the same crime over and over again out of jail, or drivers that have been convicted of driving while the influence several times and yet a drivers license is given to them until they kill someone with their vehicle while driving intoxicated, this are real issues that affect us all.

Perhaps the Constitution of the United States of America was intended different back in September 17, 1787 when it was finally completed in Philadelphia. Or perhaps not, the constitution gave certain freedoms to mankind; one was the freedom of religion, the other the freedom of speech. But our liberal Supreme Court judges have interpret this freedom of speech to great length and have given the following interpretation to freedom of speech.
Desecrate the national flag as a symbol of protest.
Burn the cross as an expression of racial bigotry and hatred.
Espouse the violent overthrow of the government as long as it is mere abstract advocacy and not an immediate incitement to violence.
Traffic in sexually explicit erotica as long as it does not meet a rigorous definition of “hard core” obscenity.
Defame public officials and public figures with falsehoods provided they are not published with knowledge of their falsity or reckless disregard for the truth.
Disseminate information invading personal privacy if the revelation is deemed “newsworthy.”
Engage in countless other forms of expression that would be outlawed in many nations but are regarded as constitutionally protected here.

Freedom of speech has been taken to a level of disrespect and careless and under this umbrella individuals feel threatened by any belief or act that does not promote a state of individualism therefore creating a society without rules which will lead society to a state of unrest and eventually to self destruction. Christmas should be celebrated like any other holiday, its content brings dialogue of faith and hope and in today’s society faith and hope are scarce among all walks of society. Perhaps if we stop trying to be politically correct all the time we would be able to live and prosper better as a society. Christmas promotes peace and that’s a commodity that has become scarce in this world. Fight for a better world and be part of the solution.