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Christmas 2007 Hottest new Romance Dvds

Fans of romance movies had a great year in 2007. There were a lot of terrific films that came out on DVD this year and I’ve sorted through them to bring you the best. If you’re looking to grab a few for your own, keep reading and you’re sure to find some that you’ll love.

Probably the best romance film of 2007 was Away from Her. This one flew below most people’s radar and that’s too bad because it is unforgettable. This movie is about Fiona and Grant, an aging couple who’ve been married for more than 40 years. Fiona has Alzheimer’s disease and must be placed in a nursing home. The home has a policy of no visitors for the first month to acclimate their patients. When the 30 days are up, Grant is destroyed when he finds that his beloved Fiona has forgotten him and now loves another patient. This is one of those films that you want to watch over and over but tears you apart each time.

Next up on the list of great romances of 2007 is The Waitress. It’s the story of Jenna, the waitress. She’s stuck in a bad marriage and wants out badly. She decides to try winning the pie baking contest at the diner she works in, hoping to use the substantial prize money to leave her husband, Earl. When she finds out that she’s pregnant with Earl’s baby things go from bad to worse. She sees a way out in the form of the new, married doctor in town. Find out what happens in the romantic comedy, The Waitress.

The Holiday is a funny, touching romance that did very well in the theaters. This movie follows the lives of two women. Amanda Wood (played by Cameron Diaz) is a hard-hearted woman who recently broke up with her cheating boyfriend. Iris Simpkins (played by Kate Winslet) is a British writer who is madly in love with her co-worker, who isn’t interested any longer. They find each other on a house-swapping website and decide to switch homes in the hope of avoiding men. Once they swap homes, their plans go awry as they find romance, or rather romance finds them. Jack Black and Jude Law also star in this funny and heartwarming romantic comedy. This is a thoroughly enjoyable film that isn’t just a “chick flick”.

Music and Lyrics stars the two biggest names in romantic comedies, Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. It’s the story of has-been 80’s pop star, Alex Fletcher, who’s been living off his declining fame for 20 years. As he’s nearing the end of his rope, he gets an offer from the biggest name in pop today, Cora Corman. She asks him to write a song for her but he can’t create lyrics to save his life. In walks Sophie Fisher, the substitute plant-waterer and soon a budding relationship begins between them. He’s a free-living hedonist and she’s a sweet natured girl, which makes it tough for romance but good for some really funny moments. You really can’t go wrong with Hugh Grant in a romantic comedy and this movie is no exception.

Another good romantic comedy that came out of 2007 is Catch and Release. Its about Gray Wheeler (Jennifer Garner), who is about to be married to the man of her dreams. Just before the wedding, her husband-to-be, Grady, is killed in a boating accident, devastating her. With the help of Grady’s best friends she begins to put her life back together. During this time she discovers that her perfect man wasn’t perfect and his friends have secrets of their own. This is a funny and touching movie that everyone will be able to watch and enjoy.