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Christians Grace Faith Mercy Sunday Rest Sabbath – Yes

In the Bible the Israelites were instructed not to gather food on the Sabbath day. Moses deliver this message and he is quoted in Exodus saying “The Lord has appointed tomorrow as a day of rest, a holy Sabbath to the Lord. On this day we will rest from our normal daily tasks”. (Exodus 16:23)
We should try to dedicate Sunday to the Lord at all cost but in today’s society that might be a challenge. You may have to work or for many Christians, this issue may result in quitting your job if you refuse. In my opinion, God is full of grace and mercy and when you ask him to make a way for you to find that perfect job that will allow you to have Sundays off, it will happen! Better yet, ask him to manifest a job that will allow you to work for the Lord. We make choices in life, it’s real easy to try and get around what the word of God says on this issue. There are several scriptures on subjects related to work, worship and rest presented clearly in the Bible.
The first scripture found in Psalms suggests life without God is meaningless.(Psalms127:2)So if you have to work God knows that, but if your just greedy trying to store up riches then your mission will fail. This section of Psalms instructs Christians to work in diligence for God not for career, food, or shelter. If you trust in God your life simply falls into place as long as you continue to realize God provides the talent, intelligence, and favour. It is important to take time and prays the Lord, rest your body, and get knowledgeable in the instructions written in the Bible.
Jesus healed a man’s hand on the Sabbath. Shortly after, the Pharisees had a meeting planning to kill him. (Mathew 12:10) Using a parable Jesus delivered instruction on why it is vitally important to do the Lord’s work everyday. The Bible however clearly instructs individuals and their servants to rest on the seventh day of the work week. (Exodus 31:12-18) But God gives us grace and allows us mercy and forgiveness for these very indiscretions. In today’s economy it’s hard to tell your employer what you won’t do, especially if that time adds to your bottom line and helps feed your family. Remember, God provides especially when you follow instructions and live in the action of the words written in the Bible. Faith goes a long way but, action is what God is looking for. We cannot just read the Bible we must adhere to the instructions within because it was written for the Lords people.