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Christianity without a Bible – No

If all I had from my parents was a name, but had never met them or lived a day hearing their voices and watching their actions, over time I expect their importance and images would fade. Quickly. As much as most would like to remember things clearly, me marches on and with it the details and clarity of events and people vanish. Sometimes forgotten completely. Likewise, it would be almost impossible for Christianity to survive without a record.

The Bible includes not only the record of people but the blue print of life. The Old Testament foretells of a Messiah, a Savior who would come to show people the way to a relationship with their Creator. Although many argue the validity of the Bible crediting it as only a work of stories and fables, modern science has overturned many of those doubts. Historically, mathematically, architecturally and even geologically the Bible is proven. It rubs staunch atheists and scholars to think that a book so old and so unorthodox to intellectual methods could actually have been legitimate and they didn’t know it!

Worse things could be reality, like a world without a Bible to tell of a man named Jesus in the New Testament. Most of us should have a last will and testament, and God certainly provided us one. In the Bible he tells followers exactly who He is, what he does and doesn’t do, and then encourages them to do likewise. It’s a clear demonstration of love. If God wanted robots there would be no need to incarnate into man in order to establish relationship based on love and man’s free of will of acceptance of Him. Man in all of his own self proclaimed goodness cares more of immediate needs than dying for others (even those who don’t deserve it). Even Biblical prophesies about Christ being the sacrificial lamb to pay a sin debt that man could not pay were written hundreds and thousands of years apart and yet came true in his short 33 years of life.

Remember what happens when someone tells a story to one person and they pass it along to another in a circle? By the time it gets to the last person the story is sometimes unrecognizable or at least distinctively different. That being the case, Christianity without a Bible would allow everyone to tweek the thou shalts and shall nots and everything in between to fit personal standards of right and wrong and remembrance. That already exists today. It’s called secular humanism.

Man creates his own goodness, his own morals or lack of them, and then sits in his own judgement, or not. Look around and you will see what this world would be without a standard-bearer, a manual of real living, and record of those who have lived and learned and passed down their legacies to those that follow Jesus Christ. The Bible is the glue for Christianity to remain constant and last.