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Christianity and Todays Lifestyles

Mark Twain once said,
“If Christ were here now there is one thing he would not be- a Christian”

Christ was a man. He was not what America currently deems a man.

There is a sense of restlessness within most men. When we lack spiritual understanding in our interpretation of this restlessness, we fall away from out true selves and we become whimsical ramblers who won’t be “tied down” by anything; not a woman, not a job, not a location or a church. We become a void waiting to be filled. The world we live in fills that void happily with macho images of womanizers and playboys, pimps and adulterers, materialist misogynistic men, and they tell us, “This is what you should be if you’re masculine.” Slyly we’re seduced into egocentric patterns that end up only serving our own ends. We are restless because we are not living as a man us suppose to. Christ served others.

The current American mentality of “man” is completely blurred. It is a cheap substitute for the real thing, kinda like cheese-in-a-can. It is a deceptive device inserted to initiate the belittling of broken character and strength…for the betterment of who or what?

The real thing is Christ. He gave up himself and lived for others in strength of character, following the order of his heavenly Father alone- Not his own agenda. He was about his Father’s work. Manliness gives way to childishness when a man has no purpose outside self propagation.

As the church embraces the world’s view of a man, I propose that it is better for a Father and a son to spend time together in the woods than in the church. We don’t get to pick one over the other though, because God himself requires that order be restored here on earth as it is in heaven, within his people, the Church as well. We must die to our self-serving ways and live for others in the strength of a man. Christ, the definition of masculine. We follow him to regain our strength in being “a man”.

It is LOVE that we need as human beings. It is relationship we were created for. Is it then any surprise that we as a “success oriented” society are in complete disarray? The emphasis has sharply turned from community to “ME”. From relationship to ego. Are we surprised when we go to ourselves for help, (the majority of self-help books currently telling us to look within ourselves for the answers) making every moment about our personal well being, and yet find ourselves chronically depressed, chronically mad and out-of-sorts? Prozac Nation much? We shouldn’t be surprised. If the answers are held within ourselves alone, why haven’t we fix our problems? Divorce. Murder. Starvation. And on and on.

The answer is love without ego. Self-sacrifice without expecting a penny in return. The answer came as a man who embodied Love, gave his life for our wrongs and overcame the death we put Him to as a model showing us how we are to live. Our constitution is base on this. Our legal system and code of ethics are derived from it. Our country was founded on it.

Why has America forgotten its forefathers and the principles still at work, in part, today that have allowed the US to be, for all practical arguments,the promised land?
Because “we the people” became “Me the person”.