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Christian Understanding of Suffering

In John 16:33, Jesus told us, in this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world. Truly, we are facing many problems in different area of our lives. It may come from our children, marriage, work or ministry.

Well, the way you view problem will normally determine the outcome of it. The problem you face will either defeat you or develop you. Unfortunately most people fail to see how God uses problem to mould their lives for good. They reacted foolishly and they got angry with God.

Life is a process of learning. Many a times we learned something from the problem we faced or the mistake we made. Therefore it is very important for us to have the right view about problem.

1) God uses problems to direct us.

Sometimes God lighted some fire to get us going! Problems often point us to a new direction and it encourages is to take the painful step to change. Problem is one of way that God uses to communicate to us or to get our attention.

2) God uses problems to inspect us.

Problems are like tea bags, if you want to know what’s inside of it, just drop it into the hot water! God uses problem to reveal our faith, characters, attitudes and motives. Some of these are hidden you pour hot water!

3) God uses problems to correct us.

Some lessons are learned through pains and failures. Well, the example take I can think of is this when we are young, our parents tell us not to touch the hot stove but it does not sink into us until we got burned! And some will only learn how to cherish by losing it (health, money or relationship).

4) God uses problems to protect us.

Problems can .be a blessing in disguise. Though outwardly it may be bad but God has a plan to protect. Last year a friend got fired for refusing to do something unethical. His employment was a problem, but it saved him from being convicted!

5) God uses problem to perfect us.

Problems, when responded correctly are character builders. God is far more interested in our character than our comfort zone. Our characters are the only thing that we can bring to eternity.


The moment we accept Jesus Christ, we placed our lives in the hands of God. Strictly speaking, we are telling God God, you are the CEO of my life. Do whatever best. So God will start to work in our lives. He uses many different circumstances and problems to mould us. At times we may be very frustrated or discouraged but it is ok, endure and persevere, He is crafting the life of Jesus Christ in us, amen.