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Christian Meaning of Life

“God Is Life”
Everyone has a purpose in life. Personally I believe in destiny, but I also believe that we choose that destiny. I believe everyone has a soul mate. I believe everyones purpose is as great as the next. Whether your purpose is to help somebody else find and/or choose there path in life or your the suppose to help save hundreds of peoples lives. I believe our purpose is chosen long before we are born and long before time even began. I believe in God. Now, why does that little sentence of four small words means so much to me? Some would say a simple enough question to answer. Other would disagree. My answer is that God is the meaning of life. In fact I believe God is life. Next question, why do I believe this? Some would say it’s because that’s what I grew up learning, my roots in so many words. Others would say it’s because it’s a foundation. Something I stand firm on if you will. While these things may be true the main reason I believe this is, because God has proven his love to me time and time again. Just because I have had the faith, he supplies all of my needs. I never fear what the next day will bring, because I know that I stand with God around me. I know I have no promise that I’ll be here tomorrow or even the next five seconds. I know that the next breath I take may just be my last, but I don’t worry about it. I know, if you don’t agree with me than you’re thinking one of a few things. First of all, your thinking that I’m crazy. My reply to this is that you are right, but you have to be crazy to live in an insane world. Second of all, you’re thinking where’s your proof? My reply is you’ll know in a minute. Third of all, you’re thinking how am I coming up with this stuff (with ‘stuff’ more than likely being an alternate word). Well, my reply to that is that I think you need to get a life and try reading the bible before you judge, because I sure can’t explain some like that to someone who isn’t open to the possibility. Last but not least, fourth of all, you’re thinking all of the above. In this case I say stop being so pessimistic! Now back to the question about my proof. My proof is my life. I have not had a normal teenage life, but of course nobody is anywhere near normal. Anyways when I say my proof in my life, I honestly say that with a heavy heart. I have been able to accomplish what many have said to be impossible (my reply to that is nothing is impossible, some things are just more unlikely than others). I have proven many people wrong about things I have had the ability to do. I have surprised and stunned. All I can say to this is people really need to open there minds. Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (obviously being one of my favorite verses not to mention really being my favorite and the one I quote the most). You’re probably thinking okay, what are the impossible things you’ve accomplished? Well first of all, I said nothing is impossible somethings are just more unlikely than others. Second of all, one thing I’ve done is I put a bake sale together in one week. Well six and one half days if you really put thought into it. I thought of the idea one night and in five days with only fifty dollars in funds was successful. I ended up helping my mom stay off the street, kept her away from going back to Las Vegas and ultimately save her life. Of course I didn’t do this completely by myself. I had a few people backing me up (whether they believed I could pull it off or not), but all in all I traveled solo. God is the meaning of life. God is the purpose for life. God is my meaning in my life and God is my purpose for living. I know I don’t know everything. In fact I know nothing compared to all of the knowledge in the world and that is probably always going to be that way. What I do know is where I stand is a strong and firm rock. No let me rephrase myself, where I stand is my rock. Nothing in my life or in any other persons life for that matter is ever going to stay the way it is forever. Accept for one thing and even if you don’t believe it, this is still true. The only thing that stays the same is God. His love has always been in my life (whether I wanted it at the time or not). Okay, I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m trying to push my belief on you. You couldn’t be more wrong, if that is what you’re thinking. This information (if you’re open minded) may or may not be true, but I like to believe it’s fact. I guess it’s just a matter of faith. My advice is that all people believe in something rather than nothing. I was once told if you said for nothing you’ll fall for anything. I have learn to take nothing and yet everything I’m told with a grain of salt. Sometimes it may not seem that way, but I know to believe that everyone has there own opinion and yet whether I think they’re right about what they believe or not I take all things into consideration. I know where I stand. That’s why I know God is my life. This paper may seems to have been written in a different why than the average essay. Of course it is (like I said I am not the average teenager. So why would do it like a normal person would). I’ve written this as if I were speaking to someone. Life is not about conforming to what every other person wants or does. Nobody if really the same. God created us all very differently. Even a pair of identically twins are extremely different. Everyone has been designed for a specific purpose. Nobody is alike. Of course there are many similarities. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. Like I said before, God is life. Everyone has a belief system (I would hope). If you know the difference between right and wrong and you have some kind of values, than you do have a belief system. I have never really believed in any other thing other than God, because I know he is in control of my life. Accept the year between junior high and high school. I thought that I had complete control over what happened to me. After a while I realized that God does a much better job than I could ever even imagine for myself. God is my life. God is my reason for living. No, God is my only reason for living. God is my purpose. God will forever and will always be my meaning in life.