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Christian Environmentalists do such People Exist

I think therefore I am; a Christian and an environmentalist. Looking at the trees and their outlines that fade into the darkness of the world without sunshine every night I find hope in the loss of the light in faith that it will return again. With the world cast into the fate wrought by the willful disobedience of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden I have faith as well that God will return again as the Son Jesus Christ to renew the post temporal reality that was Eden. The world of humanism that has been a refining of meat eating predators spiritually and socially upon fellow hominids, wildlife and one another has brought concentration and death camps to us, has hurled plague ridden swine over the civilized walls, has sent waves of flame in jellied napalm upon the world, poisons Alaskan lakes to kill the invading species that is the Northern Pike. The Earth is a carcass of itself living in comfort. Being a Christian of belief in the theistic ineffability of the creation I hope to contribute my own opinions about stewardship of the world and its resources to the horrible inertia of corporatist secularism that makes of reality an externality and floods the NPC with broadcasters dominating the lexicon of society with elite interests.

Society exists with ontological structures decreed and evolved through actual worldliness. Political power structures and historical circumstances shape immediate ability to alter the material environment immediately. The difficulty of changing the physical economic use of the environment is significant, and largely a secular issue of course. Many Christians support conservation efforts, yet the commercial priestly leadership if televised may trend to side with the other broadcast sycophants of corporate economic interests.

Who are Christians anyway, and what obligation have they to lead planetary conservation efforts? Is the love thy neighbor as thyself axiom of the Bible sufficient to care if forests will be cut to fuel new wood burning power plants in the southern states? When the entire foundation of the modern economy is profoundly not established on a renewable ecological economic principle such as that taught by the economic guru Herman Daley, a 19th level education enlightened sojourner, how may Christians advocate positive ecological economic reform without first reforming their own church structure into that of a priesthood of egalitarian believers who all have a working for a living principle without a specialized upper class Christian core collecting tithes and leadership from corporatist hierarchical elites?

Christians can conserve the world the worldly destroy. They may be stewards and ‘Jeeves’ by their own example as concerned citizens who take the political pooper scooper to wasteful federal economic policies and hurl it with an environmentally clean catapult back over the walls of the bastions of the Capitoline hill that uses non renewable weapons and military expenses along with depleted uranium warheads to harm innocent wildlife that got into the way of secular social conflicts in Iraq and elsewhere. Christians can be a moral conscience on Federal environmental waste procedures that dump toxic mining waste approvals, haven’t got a clue about a zero net loss of biota federal zoning law, nor have a real intention to restore national transportation and energy self-reliant independence of a completely non-imported structure. Christians can help rich producers and consumers to de-existentialize themselves and their habits…they must help to stem the fires of hell from arriving before Christians themselves rapture out or are resurrected.