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Christianity has often been unfairly labeled as anti-intellectual or anti-science. This is an unfair accusation. Granted some Christians would rather die than think, but so would a number of atheists. Even atheist, Richard Dawkins, admitted in a debate that science arose out of Christian framework.

One has to remember that scientific knowledge is NOT absolute knowledge. It is supposed to be a dispassionate search for understanding the universe. Unfortunately science is practiced by human beings who are all too blinded by ego, dogma and ideology. Someone who trained to be a marine biologist told this writer that he was puzzled by what was practiced in science. He said data which did not fit the theory was either ignored or bent to fit the theory. He did not understand why this was so until he became a Christian. Then he began to understand the force of ideology or theory on science. Science is always based on a finite number of observations. So one may get the same result after 1000 times. But the 1001st time could give a different result. That different result is called an anomaly. In the true spirit of science one should examine this anomaly to find out the reason for this exception. But all too often that is not the case.

Science is always time bound. What may appear to be absolute proof may later prove to be false. A good example of this is the Piltdown man. This was supposed to be some great proof for evolution. Only one problem, with this proof, was that it was a fraud. But this fossil was not shown to be fraud till 40 years later. This writer asked the late Dr. John Klotz, a biologist/ theologian, how he handled the proof of the Piltdown man before it was exposed as a fraud. He responded that all he had to go on was his faith. But years later that seemingly convincing proof was shown to be a fraud.

During the course of a phone conversation, this writer told a Roman Catholic graduate student, getting his PhD in engineering, that Christianity is not foolish. It only appears to be foolish because man’s wisdom is time bound while God’s wisdom is timeless. The student expressed agreement with that sentiment.

This wisdom of the world may appear to be correct but in the end it will be shown to be supported by lies, frauds or fallacies. The wisdom of the world is always time bound. Christianity may APPEAR to be foolish but it is actually based on a wisdom not restricted or bound to this age (See I Corinthians 1:6).