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Chinese Horoscope 2011 for Rat Zodiac Sign and Chinese Astrology for Rats 2011

The Rat is likely to welcome the year of the Rabbit. After such a hectic and fast-moving year previous, this will bring you a more peaceful interlude. You will get more time for yourself and for relaxation. You might become interested in eastern relaxation techniques such as yoga or Tai Chi Chuan.

People in positions of power will be showing how much they respect you for all your past hard work. They like it that they can rely on you for your honesty. Take compliments that come your way in the spirit they are given. They are sincere and as working relationships develop, this could lead to some great career opportunities. It’s one of those years when it’s not always ‘what’ you know but ‘who’ that counts!

Don’t be secretive. It might seem foolish, on hindsight, to have withheld information when another person is quite open about everything they know. Secrets will be discovered if not immediately, not long afterwards and that’s why it will be more to your benefit to be open in all your dealings. Even when you are with people you don’t know very well.

You could be offered an exciting challenge during the middle of the year and this is a one you will carry out with ease.

Financially, there will be the need to keep a careful eye on your money. Don’t spend unless you know you can afford it. Don’t write out cheques if it might put your bank balance in the red. If you are planning a special holiday for the Year of the Rabbit, get together with the family to work out how you might all comfortably afford it. This may mean doing without your little luxuries for a short while but it will be worth it. Be sure to book well in advance as if you leave it too late, the holiday you really want will already be fully booked.

A family gathering at the end of the year will be fun. Your mood at times will be a solitary one. You will enjoy your own company but you should also make time in your life for those you love. You don’t want to disappoint them.

This is a great year to develop your existing skills or learn new ones. Enjoy hobbies and pastimes that inspire your creativity. If you’ve ever wanted to paint, write poetry, dabble in art or take a photography course, this is the year to pursue these aims.

Best months for romance: December and January

Best months for career: April, October and November