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Children and God

Children should know God, as well as teenagers, and adults. Some may argue that there is an age of accountability. I also believe that up to a certain age children will be raptured. That does not stop me from teaching my child and others about God. Jesus said to have faith like a child. He was surrounded by children, and wanted the children to come to him. So if in his thirty three years on earth he showed us the importance of having child like faith. We want the best for our children, so why not share God with them. Therefore, children should know God. Not only that they should have a relationship with God.

Parents are primary role models. We teach our children right from wrong. We teach them safety, and their alphabet, and math. We teach them so much. Why not teach them the one thing that will change their lives,that allows them to enter Heaven. They watch how you react. So always remember to ask yourself what would Jesus do. Pray, and teach them to pray. Pray over your food, and before you go to bed, and tell them the importance of prayer. Read them Bible stories, let them watch cartoons like Veggietales. You can have a positive influence and impact on your child. Take them to church, if they are old enough let them participate in children’s church, or Sunday school. Remember church is great, but home is where they learn the most. These are a few ideas on how to introduce your child to God.

God created us in his image. He wants a relationship with us, and age does not matter. Children are intuitive, and sometimes can see things we can’t. They believe in things they can’t see like Santa, and the Easter Bunny. It is hard to shake the faith of a child. You can learn through the eyes of a child. Imagine how encouraged, and amazed you would be to see your child believe in God. Believing in God allows your child to grow up in faith. Not only that they have discovered the secret to life. It can take people their whole life to figure that out, and some never do. Why deprive your child of the best thing life offers? There is no question about it,children should know God. If you have not allowed them to know God, why not start today?