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Chihuahuas as Pets

All through the years it has been known that dogs are a man’s best friend. Well that is especially true when it comes to the spunky little breed of the chihuahua. They may be the smallest of all dogs but they have the biggest personality with the courage of a lion, going up against breeds as large as the Rotwheiler. Their saucy little attitude of “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” is always witnessed in this dog and proves to be very entertaining. The chihuahua is very owner possessive often adapting just one favorite and guarding that person until the end. This breed must be kept indoors due to the size and frailty of their frame as they are not able to brave the cold elements.

The chihuahua breed is known to be the greatest of watch dogs and is rarely caught off guard. They are extremely high energy and very high maintenance so if time is not something you have a lot of this is definitely not the dog for you. Also if you have other pets or children you may find that the chihuahua will have a hard time adapting to this type of environment. This selfish little dog demands your undivided attention and usually adopts a “one person” owner role. But with that one person they are completely loyal and will protect that person with their life.

Over the past few years the chihuahua has been used in many major movie roles and very popular commercials. The ability to dress the chihuahua in so many different outfits without them putting up a fuss is useful for the ever changing wardrobe needs of the motion picture industry. This little dog is more than happy to pose and change costumes because it means they are getting your undivided attention that they so crave. They are often seen sporting sweaters, vests, jewelry, bows, hats, etc. and loving every minute of it. They are very attentive to detail and instruction making them easily trainable. Simply put the chihuahua is a very small dog with a very large personality and a delight to be around for people of all ages.