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Challenges Facing Muslims Living in Western Countries

Mass Exodus For Muslims Awaiting?

My Uncle always used to tell me that when bullies often starts a fight
it is imperative that you beat them at your own game NOT theirs. Its
a method of pure dignity, class and gentlemanliness that has to be applied.
Unfortunately, in 2007 we have a world that is quite more complexed than that.
While global hunger and poverty are great stigmas that we are fighting to alleviate we neglect the poverty filled people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Zimbabwe and more. While we praise Amnesty International for their work of individual human rights we buy more and more of Chinese products, this a nation where the basic human rights are non-existent and Western scholars praise the notion that we must build bridges with Islam and at the same time discriminate Muslims in their own societies and later question how we can save our youths from terrorists? This is not about a difference in cultures which there is, but a realistic picture is that segregation, racism and further isolation can and will drive Muslims of the West to a mass exodus.

How is this possible? Since 9/11 we have seen minimal migrations of Muslim communities from United States but after July 2005 bombings in England we have seen more migrations. However, incidences alone can play a part to a certain degree, as people we can often place blame on to those whom we are more suspicious of, less knowledgeable about and prejudice the most. For Muslims, it is unfortunate that they have not had one identity but several. Like Christianity with its rift of Catholicism and Protestants; Islam too has had many sects. The most common between Sunnis and Shias. Lets not forget the Ahmedis, Suffis, Ishmailites and more.

The blame lies in both ends of the spectrum. The reality is many Muslims in the past had never integrated in Western societies to sideline such confusions. They appeared like family oriented people that stayed within their families and paid less attention to the affairs of societies outside of their homes. Similarly western societies never saw community integration and development as a priority. The two societies lived side by side until a time came when politicians decided to cause a rift between the two to become the benefactor.

While two worlds clash between Islam and West there is another battle that is taking place. The battle of Islam from within. On one side you have the Western Islamic Scholars, versus the Mullahs of the religious schools of Islamic countries. The only thing common between these two is that they believe in the pinnacles of Islam but what they differ against is everything from Sharia law to a whole way of how one conducts their life as a Muslim. So what do we understand from this? The battle of Islam between itself is the same as the battle of Islam and the West.

So how do we bring Muslims closer to our side of the Spectrum? The modest answer would be to nurture and empower the Muslims of the West to a degree where they can bring reforms to annihilate radical extremists. It is the only viable way for western societies to show that as we reach in to greater and better times of this digital age we can leave behind the horrors of the clashes of civilizations and live peacefully to form greater unity to build better and richer societies, where we can be a better model from within and an exodus is only a rhetoric