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Challenges by Muslim Women

Muslim women and the challenges they face depend upon the extend to which she tries to follow her religion. If she is a true muslimah, not only will she have to offer explanations to the curious outpourings of her colleagues , but also excuse herself from unislamic situation. Many of us try to assimilate and integrate as much as we can, try our best to contribute to the wellbeing of the society. Little do we realise , and understand the sincere heart of a muslimah.
The square metre of cloth she adorns on her head cries out her identity and makes her either a target of verbal abuse , ridicule but very rarely of respect. It is easier for her to integrate if she removes that hijab she wears, but she opts not to , as it represents a covenant between her and her God. She puts the trust in Almighty and continues her journey.
Hypocrisy is not her cup of tea, so she finds herself standing on wobbly ground in some situations , where she cannot speak her mind, but finds it hard not to. She finds herself searching for a clean place during lunch time so she could pray her salah, without making a big hullabaloo about it. She finds it hard to go out with her colleagues for a drink in the pub, as she doesn’t consume alcohol, and the atmosphere where alcohol is consumed is not suited for her. Irrespective of all these differences between herself and her colleagues , she accepts them wholeheartedly as they are and donot try to force her religion upon them. She respects them and their beliefs and believes that they too respect her and her beliefs.
Many a time she finds herself , accountable’ for actions of others in any part of the world. That is the single most challenge which she finds difficult to overcome, as someone unknown to her, born with a muslim name defines her” religion on her behalf to her friends , in a worst possible way.
A muslim mom, faces myriad of challenges every single day. Bringing up her children in a society where existence of God is questioned, single sex marriages are considered the birth right of a person, binge drinking is considered a growing-up thing, women is portrayed as a commodity ,is a struggle in itself. To teach the children, the importance of being a good muslim, and respecting every single living being no matter what the faith or culture is a challenge she needs to overcome if the future muslim generation is to contribute for the betterment of their community, and the world as a whole.