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Celebrities who Reinvent their Identities Lose themselves

Celebrities who reinvent their identities lose themselves. I look at this question differently than most. The industry today is much different than it was years ago. Today it’s a daily report of Brittany, Lindsey, etc. The modern day fan wants to know everything they do. Oh, she got another DUI! He was busted for drugs! Then they go away to a “CLINIC” for a while, returning as a clean person. Then they go back to REHAB. Oh how the public eats it up. When did we the people of the United States become so simple that this intrigues us? We used to be a simpler, but a more thoughtful society.Now Oprah can tell us what we should eat for breakfast.

To me this title means something more in depth. I watched an old movie (I forgot the title), and naturally they rolled the cast members. A particular name caught my eye. The credits said; “and introducing, Anthony Curtis!” I was taken back for a moment. The picture shown was of the actor we know as Tony Curtis. He was a great looking guy, in fact he was an inspiration. This singer thought Curtis was the best looking guy he had ever seen, so he dyed his hair black to look more like him. The singers name was Elvis Presley, ever hear of him? Getting back to Mr. Curtis.

It seems that Tony was a cooler name than Anthony, but that wasn’t his first name change. In the days of yester-year he grew up in the Bronx, New York with his family name. That name was, Bernard Schwartz. Why you ask did he change his name in the first place? He didn’t want people to know he was Jewish. Scores of the most famous actors, and actress did the same thing. Kirk Douglas was not the actors real name, the real name is too hard to spell and pronounce. He has recently reconnected with his Jewish heritage. Does anyone remember Archibald Leach, I mean Cary Grant. He was half Jewish, and the first cousin of Robin Leach. But I think anyone would change Archibald.

Others didn’t change their names, but did make a change. Everyone remembers The Dick Van Dyke Show. Carl Ryner was a co-stat, and the head writer. Actually Carl Reiner was the original star of the show, but he looked too Jewish. So the change was made. It was probably for the better.

Many others never let it be known they had Jewish blood, or they never would have achieved what they did. The country would never elect a Jewish President. Teddy, and FDR’s family originally came to the United States in 1682 from Holland. The original name was Rosenvelt. FDR’s mother’s name was Sarah Delano, a Sephardic Jew. Dwight Eisenhower’s father graduated West Point, and was Jewish. Winston Churchill’s mother was Jenny Jerome, also Jewish. There were many more. Could they have been elected if they mentioned their family history?

Name changes, and keeping your mouth shut can change the course of ones life, as well as history. Do you think the KKK knows we have had at least three Jewish Presidents? They would turn over in their graves knowing they voted for them!

This is what reinventing yourself, or keeping quiet really is.