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Celebrities Actors Actresses Politics Stars Scarlet Johanson Brad Pritt Angelina – Positive

CELEBRITIES HAVE POWER BECAUSE OF WHO THEY ARE, THEIR TALENT, AND THEIR MEDIA. They influence society and the world in a POSITIVE WAY and they are AMBASSADORS of the society they are from to the rest of the world. They are part of each one of us and transcend the essence of their generation. THEY ARE SIMPLY STARS. Our individual life, our society, and the world SHINE because of them. They do not seek power but just get it and use it!

SCARLETT JOHANSON not only added glamour to Obama’s campaign but attracted many young voters to him. When JACK NICHOLLS’ad aired on TV, Hillary got a lot more votes. The interplay of Hollywood and Politics has been going on for decades. Musicians having fundraisers and actors and actresses campaigning and doing fundraisers for politicians and causes is just part of our society. After all, they are citizens and have the RIGHT to campaign for anyone they want
like the rest of us.

Politics is natural for celebrities and some sure succeed in both. REAGAN was great as a president. He was so well respected throughout the world and acheived so much. RUSSIA came around to democracy, POLAND BECAME FREE, and the BERLIN WALL CAME DOWN. These are just a few of the acheivements in his administration. Before, during, and still now: people enjoy his movies in our country and in the world. It was a powerful marriage between politics and hollywood. Reagan enhanced the image of America with all his movies and his political decisions. He was a MASTER COMMUNICATOR.

CLINT EASTWOOD as mayor of Carmel was as good as mayor as he was an actor. His power in movies is unbelieveable. No matter what movie or what role he plays, he is terrific in portraying the AMERICAN MALE as a strong and masculine individual. His movies have done wonders throught the world in people all liking him and America.

In the CANNES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL next to ANGELINA JOLIE PREGNANT WITH TWINS, both were fantastic for our country. They did not have so say anything. People just enjoyed looking at them. His serious look broke with a smile when Angelina said she was going to become DIRTY HARRY. Everyone loved it and laughed with them. American film has been recognized more and more in international audiences.

ARNOLD has surprised many in how good he is as a GOVERNOR. He governs with PASSION. One can see and feel how much he LOVES California when he says the word. His style of governing communicates his love for his family, California, and the USA. His international background adds to his effectiveness as a governor. His film have given us joy and inspired people from all over our country and the world. He has such a wholesome way about everything. California is lucky to have such a leader.

Celebrities are just part of our life and the generation we are from. Musicians perform all over and have an international exposure at once with modern media. Films open many times at the same time in many countries. Just being seen with a celebrity as a politician enhances their popularity, especially with the young. Donations go up! They bring joy and fun to the campaign.

AMERICA and AMERICANS ARE LOVED AND HAVE BEEN LOVED ALL OVER THE WORLD because of the actors and actresses people have seen in the movies. There has been a FASCINATION about America for decades and more than a century. Many in most countries did not know a word of English but they knew and loved JOHN WAYNE, GARY GRANT, ANTHONY QUINN, ELIZABETH TAYLOR, GRACE KELLY, LANA TURNER, and so many more in their time and before.

When we see CLARK GABLE dancing with SOPHIA LOREN in the movie, IT STARTED IN NAPLES, we see just how the interplay of two cultures in its best. He went to Naples to bring his little nephew to the US and he falls in love with Naples and of course SOPHIA LOREN. Sophia Loren is the little boy’s aunt and they all three live happily ever after in Naples.

MARLON BRANDO is recognized as one of the most successful American actor in the 20th. century in our country and all over the world. His movies continue to be not only popular but are CLASSICS AND WORKS OF ART. His movies brought in people from all countries in the life of Americans so they could get a glimpse of our struggles and acheivements. In 1951 when he was in, A STREEET CAR NAMED DESIRE, the world was amazed at the film and his talent.

ON THE WATERFRONT (54) was a work of art that could have only been made in America. The world saw the struggles of workers and the unions and the life in America for workers trying to take care of their families. Brando was a very private man but his acting and movies belonged to all. He made so many movies less known but for those who saw them, his brilliant acting captured their heart and soul.

THE LAST TANGO IN PARIS in (72) was very deep even if most people remember him from THE GODFATHER. His dance with a much younger woman in the movie is captavating! APOCALYPSE NOW captured the HORROR OF VIETNAM so many soldiers had experienced and the movie let the world know it too. He continued to make movies and the world watched. WHAT A MAN AND WHAT AN ACTOR!

BOB DYLAN expressed what so many of us felt on campus in the “60’s” and on as well as soothing our pain in what was going on around us. The political environment in our country and the world was unbearable and scary. His music expressed what we all felt and couldn’t communicate. He did with his music. BLOW IT IN THE WIND helped us endure it. At times we just needed to forget it all and enjoy his songs: FOREVER YOUNG; DON’T THINK TWICE, IT’S ALL RIGHT; IT AIN’T ME BABE; LIKE A ROLLING STONE; LADY, LADY; and so many more.

JANE FONDA got involved and involved us in what was going on in Vietnam. Yes, she had power as an actress and she used it for political reasons to awaken many. She showed that not only she could make movies about beautiful women and love in the movie, CIRCLE OF LOVE, but that she was intellingent and had political ideas she acted on. The fact she was known internationally was an asset.

ACTRESSES like Jane Fonda began to portray women beyond sexuality and focus on the mind and soul of a woman. Women could be beautiful, smart, and active in politics. MARILYN STREEP, URMA THURMA, DEMI MOORE, NICOLE KIDMAN, RENEE’ ZELLER, CATHERINE ZETA, and so many more great actresses helped move that image of women.

JOHN VOIGT, DUSTIN HOFFMAN, PETER FONDA, JACK NICKOLLS, and others communicated what life was like in America and inspired more love for America. PAUL NEUMAN IS IN A CLASS BY HIMSELF.
His person and movies inspired so much admiration that the world loved and still love him.
CHARLES HESTON and his movies showed the world what talent and dignity Americans have.

FRANK SINATRA gave Americans and the world so much joy with his songs and still does with the grace and beauty of his music and lyrics. How could the world not love America when he stood on stage with such dignity and smiled as he sang, “I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN, DEEP, DEEP INSIDE OF ME..”

CELEBRITIES ARE AMABASSADORS OF WHAT IS BEST OF AMERICA AND HAVE ENORMOUS POWER AT HOME AND ABROAD. They arE loved at home and abroad. Our present generations have theirs and so will future generations. Some of their media will be WORKS OF ART and will continue to influence GENERATIONS TO COME. Who can see a film like, MR. AND MRS. SMITH, with BRAD PRITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE and not FEEL THE POWER OF CELEBRITIES!