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How to Perform an Exorcism

Exorcism is a title for a ritual in a particular religious following. Rescue is another word for aiding the progression of spirit from people, place, thing. On a TV demonstration a priest with the help of several others (the number may be important to the ritual?) pressed a cross against …

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Spiritual Balance during Tough Economy

It can be difficult to maintain our spiritual balance during these current economic times. The news is filled with words like layoffs, cutbacks, bank failures, rising foreclosures, major companies declaring bankruptcy, bailouts and more. The list goes on and on. Before you know it your thinking “What would happen if …

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Is it possible to see Angels

Is it possible to see angels? It is very possible to see angels, unfortunately not everyone thinks that you are sane after you’ve told them something like that. From my experiences I’ve told a few people and some tried their best to believe me and others looked at me strangely. …

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Do i believe in Angels

Was it just a figment of my imagination or was there truly an Angel around that chilly wintery night?  Do I believe in Angels, after that night, definitely yes?  The forecast was more snow but we had made the journey across from Dover to Calais many times and then across …

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Psychological Insights into near Death Experiences

A SECULARIST PERSPECTIVE Among anomalous phenomena attracting wide spread attention such as UFOs, synchronicities, and alien abductions is that of near death experiences. Reports of near death experiences [ndes] have been gathered from all over the world bearing striking similarities with respect to their experienced content. To be classified as …

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Charity Happier

Life may never get any easier but it is possible to live a happier and more fulfilled life.  We are always reflecting on our failures and mishaps in life and when we do not move on with our lives and enjoy the present then we will never be happy and …

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